Schedule a Session

All in-person sessions require prior approval through the Request for Essential On-Campus Education Activity using this form: 

Request for Essential On-Campus Education Activity

Important information:

  • Only student groups of 10 or less are eligible, and a justification for in-person learning is required.
  • In general, only skill-building learning activities that require physical interaction with simulation trainers and are essential to acquire core competencies will be approved for in-person learning.
  • Upon receiving the exemption approval, complete the Kanbar online reservation form: UCSF Kanbar Center Intake Form
  • Please note that exemption approval does not mean that we can accommodate your session, and special consideration regarding physical distancing apply. We will try our best to integrate all exemption approved programs into our schedule, and we will be in touch with you to work out details.

The Kanbar Center has gained experience with virtual learning using standardized patients and simulation equipment. While our capacity to add new programs is currently limited, if your simulation activity does not meet the requirements to qualify for in-person learning, you can contact us to discuss the options by completing this form: