Summer Explore Research Fellowship

Summer Explore funds all forms of medically-related research (e.g. clinical research, basic research, education research, and social science research) carried out full-time between the first and second year of medical school.

The Inquiry Funding Office awards Summer Explore stipends once annually in April.  If awarded, grants include:

  • $5,000 stipend, distributed in June.  
  • Participation in Summer Explore Symposium in December.
  • Eligibility for Short-Term Dean's Prize.
  1. Must select a UCSF mentor. If the project is away from UCSF, there must be both an on-site mentor AND a UCSF mentor, including research abroad.

  2. Application must meet the minimum standards of the review committee and be submitted on time.

  3. Must be first year medical student and not in MSTP or other advanced degree programs. 

  4. JMP Eligibility: One Summer Explore Fellowship per JMP student, either first or second summer. 

  5. Academic projects from all Domains of Science are eligible for funding, however, must be supported by a UCSF faculty mentor.

  6. Project must be carried out full-time and continuously throughout length of program.

  7. Applications for travel to areas that carry a US State Department Travel Advisory of “Reconsider Travel” or “Do Not Travel” and/or a UC Trip Planner security rating of 5 or higher require special administrative approval prior to application for funding. Approval is reviewed on a case by case basis.

8 weeks (For 2023: June 17 - August 4)


This is a UCSF Funding Source dispersed by the Inquiry Funding Office.
To apply, begin by verifying deadlines and process for Summer Explore by downloading the “Guide to Summer Explore Research.”


Please view a sample of the Summer Explore Application HERE

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