Innovations Funding Funded Projects

Examples of innovations include:

  • A specific component of faculty development;
  • Measuring the efficacy of learning of a particular objective(s) in an innovative way;
  • Integration of specific basic sciences with clinical disciplines (Anatomy Selective, as above, for example);
  • Addressing specific, "emerging" curricular areas of importance. Examples include but are not limited to: long-term care & chronic illness, geriatrics, pain management, disabilities, rehabilitation and end-of-life care;
  • Developing electives for fourth-year students that cover content that is recommended for students heading into a particular field, but content that would not necessarily be considered "in the mainstream" of that field. Examples include: office gynecology and contraceptive management for the future primary care physician, and fluid and electrolyte management strategies for the future surgeon.

Funded projects 2014 to present (by year submitted and reviewed)

Projects awarded since the 2013-2014 cycle are posted on UCSF Open Proposals; Access proposals prior to 2013 from right-side menu; viewing proposals requires a MyAccess log-in.