AOC Initiative Resources for the Clinical Learning Environment

Creating an equitable, inclusive, welcoming, and actively anti-oppressive clinical learning environment is critical to the success of our students and to our core UCSF values. These environments also have a direct impact on our patients and colleagues. Developing skills and expanding our perspectives and knowledge to create equitable environments is a life-long process. 

To help support and inspire this work, the Anti-Oppression Curriculum Initiative core team has organized a curated list of resources for clinical teachers. Many of these resources are brief (1-2 page) articles and short videos designed for busy faculty actively teaching in the clinical environment. They are meant as a starting point; different faculty will have different learning needs. 

How To Use These Resources

It is recommended you focus on a single domain each month based on your own goals and learning edge. Consider setting a personal goal to review one of the resources in that domain each week. It can be helpful to find a colleague who is interested in partnering with you—sharing this learning can provide built-in accountability and valuable opportunities to debrief.

Where To Start
Learning Environment
Assessment and Feedback
Anti-Racism Resources
Clinical Patient Experience
Allyship and Upstanding

Ready for more? In addition to reviewing these resources, consider investing in in-depth skill development courses through the Teach for UCSF Certificate in Teaching for Equity and Inclusion.