Team Structure

The AOC Initiative Team continues to actively build a coalition with curricular leaders, faculty, staff, students, expert consultants, and community members. This collaborative effort aimed to enhance curricular content, pedagogy, and para-curricular activities, supporting the ongoing shift of all elements of the Bridges Curriculum towards an increasingly anti-racist, anti-oppressive approach. 

actively working to build a coalition with curricular leaders, faculty, staff, students, expert consultants, and community members to enhance curricular content, pedagogy, and para-curricular activities and support to shift all elements of the Bridges Curriculum towards an anti-racism, anti-oppressive approach.  

Core Team


Dr. Denise Connor

Denise Connor, MD


Dr. Denise Davis

Denise Davis, MD, FACH


Dr. Michelle Guy

Michelle Guy, MD

Dr. Aimee Medeiros

Aimee Medeiros, PhD

Tamara Lawson

Tamara Lawson

Catherine Chadwick

Catherine Chadwick, MPH

Denise Connor, MD, Professor of Medicine, Director, Anti-Oppression Curriculum Initiative. Dr. Connor leads the efforts of the AOC initiative team to apply an anti-oppressive lens to the entire four-year Bridges Curriculum and to synergize this curricular work across other key domains of medical education. 

Denise Davis, MD, FACH, Professor of Medicine, Associate Director, Anti-Oppression Curriculum Initiative, Student Support. Dr. Davis collaborates with the Associate Dean for Students and other members of the Student Experience Team to align student support with the efforts of the AOC initiative.  

Michelle Guy, MD, Professor of Medicine and Director of Diversity for Graduate Medical Education, Associate Director, Anti-Oppression Curriculum Initiative, Faculty Development. Dr. Guy will collaborate with the School of Medicine Associate Dean for Curriculum and the Center for Faculty Educators team to implement enhancements to faculty development as part of the AOC initiative. 

Aimee Medeiros, PhD, Associate Professor of Humanities and Social Science, Associate Director, Anti-Oppression Curriculum Initiative, Integration. Dr. Medeiros partners with the Mapping and Integration Curriculum Governance Committee as part of the AOC initiative.

Tamara Lawson, Project Manager, Anti-Oppression Initiatives, is the project manager for the AOC Initiative and collaborates with teams of faculty, students, staff, and workstream leaders to manage the progress of the AOC Initiative. For general questions about the AOC Initiative, please contact Tamara Lawson.

Catherine Chadwick, MPH, Curriculum Coordinator, Assessment, Curriculum, Evaluations (ACE), is the staff coordinator for the AOC Initiative and collaborates with the faculty team to implement anti-oppressive changes to the curriculum. For any questions about the AOC curriculum review and revision process, please contact Catherine Chadwick.

Curricular Component Liaisons

In the summer of 2021, eight anti-oppression Curricular Component Liaisons (CCLs) were selected to serve as Curriculum Component Liaisons (CCL). Each CCL collaborates with current curricular leaders to adjust and enhance the curriculum using an anti-oppressive lens. The eight liaisons spent their first year learning about the existing Bridges Curriculum and continue developing best practices in partnership with curricular leaders across the four-year curriculum.

Dr. Rosny Daniel

Rosny Daniel, MD, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

Dr. Monica Hahn

Monica Hahn, MD, MPH, MS, Associate Professor of Family and Community Medicine and OBGYN Associate Director of Inquiry and Evaluation for PRIME-US

Dr. Corina Iacopetti

Corina Iacopetti, MD, MA, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Dr. Kelly Knight

Kelly Knight, PhD, Professor and Vice Chair, Humanities and Social Sciences

Dr. Katherine Lupton

Katherine Lupton, MD, Professor of Medicine, Specialty Director of Practice Ambulatory Sub-Internship (SPAN)

Dr. Willieford Moses

Willieford (Willie) Moses, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery

Dr. Peter Ureste

Peter Ureste, MD, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Medical Student Coach

Dr. Mia Williams

Mia Williams, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine 


2021-2022 Adviser

Dr. Camara Jones

In her role as 2021-2022 UCSF Presidential Chair Award Recipient, Camara Phyllis Jones, MD, MPH, PhD, provided consultation to the AOC Initiative team and helped to set the vision and objectives for the Initiative. Dr. Jones is a family physician and epidemiologist whose work focuses on naming, measuring, and addressing the impacts of racism on the health and well-being of the nation and the world.

AOC Initiative-Student Collaborative

In the 2023-2024 academic year, the Student Collaborative is co-facilitated by Alli Gomez, Class of ‘25 and Jessica Ma, Class of '25, in their roles as year-long AOCI fellows, with faculty support from Denise Connor, MD and Denise Davis, MD.

AOCI Student Collaborative Group Photo
Attendees at the AOCI Student Collaborative Meeting, December 2022

In December 2021, an AOCI-Student Collaborative was launched with 19 students. By 2024, the Collaborative had grown to include 50 students recruited from among all current medical students. Members of the Student Collaborative provide feedback on both high-level strategy and detailed aspects of the workstreams. A Student Collaborative representative also joins the Student Supergroup as a standing member to share updates and gather feedback from leaders of medical student groups on campus. 

Marcos Armendariz – 2024
Benjamin Jones – 2024
Sabrina Mendez-Contreras – 2024
Rachel Mernoff – 2024
Hamedullah Noorulhuda – 2024
Kelsey Ogomori – 2024
Elizabeth Picazo – 2025 
Cindy Folefack – 2025
Leo Garcia – 2025
Alli Gomez – 2025 
Hee Joo Ko – 2025
Jessica Ma – 2025 
Helene Miles – 2025

Catherine Nicholas – 2025
Kevin Reyes – 2025 
Katarina Watson – 2025
Nikki Apana – 2026
Michael Chichioco – 2026       
Catherine Gao – 2026
Kai Huang – 2026
Katherine Miclau – 2026
Uwaila Omokaro – 2026
​​​​​Jonah Thornton – 2026 
Debbie Adam – 2027
Korena Boyd – 2027
Thang Diep – 2027

Mahika Nayak – 2027
Austine Peng – 2027
Charlie Dubach-Reinhold – 2027
Chelsea Duong – 2027
Eva Kitten – 2027
Diego Martinez Mendiola – 2027
Mandy Quan – 2027
Ivy Tran – 2027
Alythia Vo – 2027
Daniel Zager – 2027
Sophia Zupanc – 2027
​​​​​​Jay Zussman – 2028

Workstreams for Integration

image showing the cyclical relationship between workstreams, CCLs & curricular leaders, community expertise, and AOC-Student Collaborative
The AOC Initiative team collaborates with four interconnected teams that encompass the entirety of the medical student experience: student support, faculty development, assessment, evaluation, and technology—to move toward our goals of anti-racism and anti-oppression throughout the School of Medicine.

In addition to the AOC Initiative Core Team, existing faculty and staff members lead other key workstreams within the AOC Initiative, including Assessment, Evaluation and Continuous Quality Improvement, Technology, and Communication to ensure the work of the AOC Initiative is fully integrated across the institution:

John Davis, PhD, MD, Associate Dean for Curriculum, Interim Associate Dean for Assessment and Professor of Medicine. Dr. Davis collaborates with the assessment staff and faculty directors to implement UCSF’s forward-thinking approach to assessment with the goal of minimizing the impact of bias in assessment, as well as consider novel approaches to assessment for curricular content focused on anti-oppression.  

Arianne Teherani, PhD, Professor of Medicine, Director for Program Evaluation and Education Continuous Quality Improvement for the School of Medicine, collaborates with Kelly Kao, Office of Medical Education, Chief of Staff, to implement a continuous quality improvement program for evaluation and assessment that is integrated into the school’s existing Curriculum Governance structure as part of the AOC Initiative. 

Chandler Mayfield, Executive Director, Technology Enhanced Education (TEE), guides technology to improve accessibility, promote equity, and minimize the impact of bias as part of the AOC Initiative.

Sara Clemons, Executive Director (ACE), collaborates with Kelly Kao, Office of Medical Education, Chief of Staff, and the School of Medicine Communications team to provide change management and communications support throughout the three-year initiative to ensure that all stakeholders are informed and have opportunities to participate in, contribute to, and provide feedback to the AOC Initiative.