Community Links

Collaborative Learning Environment (CLE)

Curriculum development support, scenario templates and sample assessment tools through the collaborative learning environment.

Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE)

ASPE is the international organization for professionals in the field of simulated and standardized patient methodology.

Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSIH)

Society for Simulation in Healthcare promotes improvements in simulation technology, educational methods, practitioner assessment, and patient safety that promote better patient care and can improve patient outcomes.

Simulation Innovation Resource Center (SIRC)

The Simulation Innovation Resource Center is an online e-learning site where nursing faculty can learn how to develop and integrate simulation into their curriculum, and engage in dialogue with experts and peers.

California Simulation Alliance (CSA)

The California Simulation Alliance is a statewide network whose goal is to be a voice for simulation in nursing and healthcare education. The CSA provides educational courses and is the umbrella organization to seven regional collaboratives within the state.

Learning Technologies Instructional Grants

This grant program is partially funded by UCSF's new Center for Excellence in Interprofessional Health Education, which envisions "UCSF graduates will be able to work collaboratively and interprofessionally to advance patient care, public service, and research."

emailKanbar Chatter Group

The Kanbar Chattter Group aims to share information about simulation among faculty and staff at UCSF, including upcoming events, faculty development work shops, grant opportunities, recent publications, etc..

Standardized Patient Trainer ListServ

Listserv hosted by the University of Washington for the discussion of education using Standardized Patients and other types of simulation.