Med Ed Grand Rounds on February 20: Presidential Chair Lecture on Assessment

In a partnership between the UCSF Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy, Cees van der Vleuten, PhD, has been selected as a 2018-19 UCSF Presidential Chair to focus on our medical education community as a visiting professor. In this role, Dr. van der Vleuten will offer invaluable guidance to the leaders and faculty of our educational programs as they work to provide the highest quality assessment and learning ecosystem for our community so that all can learn, grow, and thrive.

Quality is Love: Highlights from the 6th Annual UCSF School of Medicine Health Systems Improvement Symposium

As the voices filling the Mission Bay Conference Center slowly simmered to a hush, UCSF School of Medicine Vice Dean for Education, Dr. Catherine Lucey, began her speech by saying, “Love is in the air here.” Although an unexpected opener to the sixth annual UCSF School of Medicine Clinical Microsystems Clerkship Health Systems Improvement Symposium, which celebrates UCSF medical students’ quality improvement work in their first year and a half of medical school, she went on to explain her unique theme.

UCSF Office of Graduate Medical Education Launches The Takeaway: A Leadership Podcast for Residents and Fellows  

A new, limited-series podcast from the UCSF Office of Graduate Medical Education (GME) shares the specific clinical, teaching, advocacy, and systems skills today’s residents and fellows need to be leaders in the clinical learning environment.