Journeys, Representation, and Coming Home: Reflections from UCSF Match Day 2023

On a brisk Friday morning, the sound of envelopes ripping open and shouts of joy could be heard from Koret Quad on UCSF’s Mission Bay campus in San Francisco. Serendipitously falling on St. Patrick’s Day, this year’s Match Day celebrated 184 soon-to-be UCSF graduates, as they found out where they would be continuing their medical training journey in residency.  

Personalized Mentorship and Growth: Reflecting on the First Four Years of SPAN (Specialty Practice Ambulatory sub-iNternship)

Originally launched in 2019 to complement in-patient focused clinical rotations, SPAN (Specialty Practice Ambulatory sub-iNternship) facilitates a greater understanding of ambulatory medicine among fourth-year medical students by pairing them with a physician preceptor to work alongside for 12 sessions over the course of 10 months.