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UCSF Medical Education Launches Redesigned Website

New features, streamlined content, improved information architecture
 |  By Karin Fleming
Medical students at UCSF

Medical students at UCSF

To bring more concise, compelling, and clear online information to our medical education community, the UCSF School of Medicine has launched its redesigned website.

Since last year, the Office of Medical Education and the School of Medicine have been working to create a more holistic and seamless online experience for our internal and external audiences.

Why redesign our website?

Improvements and enhancements will help our medical education community and/or our external website visitors to:

  • Understand the overall mission and vision of UCSF’s School of Medicine, and its reputation for excellence and innovation as one of the top medical schools nationally
  • Know where to find the top news stories about the School of Medicine’s clinical, research, and medical education missions
  • Feel part of a community of learners at UCSF’s School of Medicine who can connect with other students, and faculty educators
  • Know how UCSF and its School of Medicine foster a positive learning environment characterized by a culture of inquiry, diversity, and inclusion

Staff and Faculty, find out what’s new and where to find key content areas on the site by reviewing our Quick Guide to the site.