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Student Quality Improvement Projects Address Postpartum Disparities, Opioid Prescriptions and More

CMC Virtual Symposium

CMC Virtual Symposium

On November 9, medical students showcased quality improvement projects completed as part of their Clinical Microsystems Clerkship (CMC). This program involves 16 months of immersion in an inter-professional, team-based clinical environment, where they learn clinical skills and complete a longitudinal health systems improvement project to address urgent health care challenges.

“This body of work proves that students in all phases of their education can make substantive contributions to our health care systems,” said UCSF School of Medicine Dean Talmadge E. King, Jr, MD. 

In 37 projects across three campuses, 158 students contributed more than 10,000 hours of effort over the past 16 months, cutting across many areas of medicine. 

A full recording of the program can be found here.

Five student projects were highlighted at the event:

Fall Prevention Among Veterans in a Skilled Nursing Facility
Students: Kevin Donohue, Kasey Han, Jeremey Gottlieb, Billy Nguyen, Feyisayo Ojute, Deborah Yip
Coach: Michi Yukawa, M.D.

Reducing Disparities in Postpartum Follow-Up
Students: Benjamin Jones, Fiona Miller, Prabhjot Minhas, Sally Oh, Jared Peralta, Shirley Shao
Coach: Sara Newmann, M.D., M.P.H.

Post-Operative Outpatient Opioid Prescription and Disposal after Gynecology Oncology Surgery
Students: Aude Bouagnon, Erika Cagampan, Nathan Ewing-Crystal
Coach: Odi Ehie, M.D.

Decreasing Lag Times for Treadmill Stress Echocardiogram at the Parnassus Noninvasive Lab
Students: Binh Cao, Timshawn Luh, Nikki Okwelogu
Coach: Adeena Khan, M.D. 

Reducing Second-Hand Smoke Exposure for Infants in the NICU
Students: Galen Bussmann, Reuben Hogan, Allan Ndovu, Alec Ohanian, Lauren Ton
Coach: Valerie Gribben, M.D.