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New Funding for Research into Treatment for Opioid Use disorder   

 |  By Karin Fleming
five point strategy to combat the opioid crisis

five point strategy to combat the opioid crisis

Jason Satterfield, PhD, Professor of Clinical Medicine, led research into opioids that received funding from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Associate Professor of Medicine Scott Steiger, MD, also received new funding for his work in opioids and substance use disorders.  His work, submitted in collaboration with colleagues from the UCSF School of Nursing, was awarded by SAMHSA to develop an interprofessional curriculum for nurse practitioners and Bridges Curriculum MD students that will ultimately increase the treatment of opioid use disorder (OUD). 

In addition to completing the training required to obtain permission from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to prescribe buprenorphine, students will have small-group discussions and a clinical experience shadowing providers who are treating OUD in a variety of settings, from homeless encampments to inpatient hospital wards. "After starting with pilot groups including an elective for Career Launch students, the goal is to work with Dr. Satterfield’s group to incorporate the coursework into the core Bridges curriculum across the four years of medical school," says Dr. Steiger. Their collective expertise will help shape curricular content to train medical students in treating substance abuse disorders. 

"Along with Dr. Steiger’s team, we will create and critique a complete Bridges map of all 'addiction' and opioid content then begin to design and implement new sessions – with the ongoing participation of students and nursing faculty. We will focus on preceptor preparation and training along with quality and systems improvement initiatives at field clinic rotations where Bridges students might see patients," says Dr. Satterfield.