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Meet Our Newest UCSF-UMC Utrecht Doctoral Students in Health Professions Education

 |  By Bridget O'Brien, PhD
Thesis submissions by UCSF-UMC Utrecht doctoral graduates

Thesis submissions by UCSF-UMC Utrecht doctoral graduates

January 2021 marked the beginning of our fourth cohort of UCSF-UMC-Utrecht students: 

These faculty members are ‘going back to school’ to further their development as education researchers and to pursue answers to cutting-edge questions about indicators of entrustment (Gin), integration of foundational sciences in clinical practice (Fulton), anti-oppression, and decolonized approach to health professions curriculum (Kennedy) and individual and institutional support to flourish in clinical practice (Lebares). We are very excited about their top-notch scholarship that has broad implications for educational practice at UCSF and for health professions education.

These doctoral students commit 1-2 days per week to their doctoral work. This work includes participation in a 3-year formal curriculum covering theory and methodology in health professions education and regular meetings with their research mentoring team. The program also includes two in-residence weeks when faculty members Olle ten Cate and Marieke van der Schaaf, from UMC Utrecht in the Netherlands, join us for a week works-in-progress sessions, seminars, research team meetings, and social events. 

Please join us in welcoming Brian, Tracy, Kai, and Carter into our community of health professions education scholars.

You can read more about the UCSF-UMC Utrecht HPE Doctoral program.