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Lyra Health for Medical Students

Lyra Health promotional graphic

Lyra Health promotional graphic

On February 1, Lyra Health, a new online mental health resource will be available to all students enrolled in the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) plan.

Lyra provides no-cost, on-demand, confidential care for emotional and mental health support without a referral. Learn more about Lyra, how it works, and sign up on the My UC SHIP Lyra website.

Getting started with Lyra is simple:

  • Create an account at
  • Complete a brief wellness questionnaire and get matched with high-quality coaches and therapists.

Members (medical students, their spouses, and dependents) enrolled in UC SHIP have access to Lyra’s self-service wellness tools including research-based self-care resources. Students and their dependents over the age of 18 will have unlimited access to coaching via text-based chats or video, private video sessions with therapists and psychiatrists, and medication management support.

For more information about Lyra, visit the My UC SHIP Lyra website or call (877) 214-3767.

Below are some frequently asked questions about how Lyra relates to UCSF’s existing mental health resources:

Does Lyra replace existing campus mental health resources?

No, Lyra is a new, additional resource available to UC SHIP members. It does not replace Medical Student Well-Being (MSWB) or Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS). UC SHIP members who are comfortable with receiving support virtually may want to use Lyra. All students still have the option to seek support through on-campus resources.

What is the difference between Ginger and Lyra?

Both services provide immediate, around-the-clock access to a diverse care team and provide a range of support from self-care activities, to personalized coaching, to video-based therapy and psychiatry. Ginger is available to all medical students and their dependents age 18 and older and provides unlimited access to coaching services and self-guided activities, as well as up to eight (8) virtual therapy sessions per plan year. Lyra is available to UC SHIP members (students, their spouses, and dependents) and offers self-service wellness tools including self-care, unlimited access to coaching services and virtual therapy sessions.

Does Lyra replace Ginger?

Lyra is a new service for UC SHIP members. UC SHIP members who are currently using Ginger and would prefer to remain with their Ginger care team, will not need to transfer to Lyra. To continue working with Ginger, UC SHIP members will need to complete this Ginger Opt-in Survey no later than January 31, 2023.

How do I decide if I should meet with a provider in Medical Student Wellbeing (MSWB), Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS), or Lyra?

Lyra offers you access to a health coach immediately via text-based chats as well as sessions with therapists and psychiatrists within five days from registration. MSWB and SHCS currently offers telehealth appointments and expects to offer in-person appointments later this year. 

Am I allowed to see a therapist at MSWB or SHCS and use Lyra? 

The best support comes from a coordinated care team. If you do opt to work with multiple providers, it is recommended you sign consent forms to allow your care team to communicate and collaborate to improve your care. Please note that typically, seeing two providers simultaneously for therapy is not recommended and should be discussed with your clinician. Coaching is not considered therapy.

How is the coaching service that Lyra provides different than the Bridges Curriculum coaching program? 

A Lyra behavioral health coach provides students with tailored support for stress, anxiety, depression, and more. Bridges Coaches are UCSF faculty who provide academic guidance for students in support of their professional and personal development throughout their medical school curriculum.