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Announcing Christina Cicoletti, MNA, as Associate Dean for Medical Education

Christina Cicoletti, MNA, Associate Dean for Medical Education

The UCSF School of Medicine recently announced the appointment of Christina Cicoletti, MNA, as Associate Dean for Medical Education at the UCSF School of Medicine, effective June 1, 2023.

Christina currently serves as Executive Director of the Assessment, Curriculum, and Evaluations (ACE) team – the largest UCSF medical education team, with eight managers and more than 30 staff members. She works beyond the boundaries of the ACE team to regularly collaborate across medical education. She is a trusted advisor and resource for teams throughout medical education. Christina’s expertise is often sought by other health professions schools across UCSF and the country.

Christina has deep experience leading major change initiatives and directing large, complex programs at UCSF. She was essential to the 2016 launch and continuous improvement of the Bridges Curriculum – our current medical school curriculum that prepares our graduates to address the 21st century healthcare needs of California’s diverse population. Christina works across teams of faculty and staff to design, implement, and support the day-to-day operation of this award-winning curriculum.

Christina is dedicated to the success of diverse populations of learners, faculty, staff, and patients. The rise in homophobia and transphobia, and pervasive systems of racism and oppression, have led her to redouble her commitment to the medical education community at UCSF. Christina strives to support UCSF’s commitment to increasing diversity and promoting a culture of equal opportunity through recruitment, mentorship, and development and delivery of programs focusing on diversity, equity, belonging, and anti-oppression.

Since joining UCSF in 2003, Christina received numerous honors and awards, including a 2015 Chancellor’s Award for Exceptional University Management and a 2022 Award for Exceptional Service in Medical Education.

Christina’s comprehensive understanding of medical education and her ability to build community and develop creative solutions, will ensure that our curriculum and learning environment will continue to serve as an example for health professions schools across the country. Please join us in congratulating Christina on her new role!