Greenberg Oncology Medical Student Summer Fellowship

The purpose of the Greenberg Oncology medical student summer fellowship is to support medical students interested in conducting research in oncology

$4500 for an 8-week research fellowship

  • Must be first year medical student or first year of entry from the Joint Medical Program (JMP) and not in MSTP or other advanced degree programs.
  • Proposed project must research some aspect of oncology
  • Must select a UCSF project and mentor
  • Abstract and poster presentation at Inquiry Symposium
  • Application must meet the minimum standards of the review committee and be submitted on time.
  • Academic projects from all Domains of Science are eligible for funding, however, must be supported by a UCSF faculty mentor.
  • Project must be carried out full-time and continuously throughout length of program.
8 weeks

This is a UCSF Funding Source dispersed by the Inquiry Funding Office. To apply, begin by verifying deadlines and process for Summer Research by downloading the Summer Explore Quick guide. The application form will be available on the Application and Deadlines page of the Inquiry Funding Website one month prior to the deadline. 

Here is a list of potential Cancer Center faculty mentors.

Funding Sources
Funding Type
Summer Explore