Volunteer Clinical Professors (VCP) Frequently Asked Questions

On the new Volunteer Clinical Professor (VCP) denomination:

What is the background on the new Volunteer Clinical Professor (VCP) denomination?

There was a UC system-wide desire to look at the clinical policies, and that included the volunteer clinical professors. The UC system-wide encompasses all ten campuses throughout the state. We've been calling this title ‘volunteer clinical faculty’ incorrectly. It always should have been ‘volunteer clinical professor,’ and the system-wide group just wanted to get all of the campuses in alignment with the Academic Personnel Manual (APM), so that's why we changed from ‘volunteer clinical faculty’ to ‘volunteer clinical professor.’

What happens if it doesn't match the language? Is there anything bad that could happen if we use VCF?

The guidance that we got from the UC Office of the President is that they have a desire for all of the campuses to match the language, the official language of the APM, our Academic Personnel Manual, which is why we made the change.

What does the VCP denomination in effect change?

Virtually nothing, it's just a change in name. The name change is really just getting us in alignment of where we should've been in the first place.

Is it an option to keep the old name, VCF?

We don't believe it's an option. This was a decision made by all of the campuses, all ten, which means everybody was in agreement. It came down from the Academic Senate, and there was also buy-in from the Chairs of UCSF. They were also in agreement with the change.

VCP still have faculty status, is that correct?

No. VCP are not faculty. They have never been faculty.

But APM 279 still uses the ‘faculty’ language.

That's in the process of being changed at the system-wide level, it's just taking a little longer than it should, but it is going to be changed. UC Office of the President is working on that.

How should I write my UCSF title?

'Volunteer' needs to be in that title, which is very important.

For example:

  • Clinical Instructor – Volunteer,
  • Assistant Clinical Professor – Volunteer,
  • Associate Clinical Professor – Volunteer, or
  • Clinical Professor – Volunteer
For the Center for Faculty Educators (CFE), does that mean that the services of the CFE are only for people who are faculty?

For CFE services and opportunities, we consider you all faculty, and we always have.

Why do we have to go through the entire appointment process and the I-9, if VCP are not faculty?

That has to do with the fact that we've put them in our system because there's a chance that you can get paid honorarium, and any time there's a chance that policy-wise you can get paid, it's the requirement of the University that you have an I-9.

On Re-appointments and Promotions for VCP:

How frequent are re-appointments and promotions?

Re-appointment is every five years, and promotion is every ten years.

On UCSF e-mail accounts for VCP:

Everybody gets a UCSF e mail account, is that right?

No, not necessarily. Not everybody wants the UCSF e-mail account. It's up to the department.

On MedHub:

What are the requirements to access MedHub, the evaluations platform?

You will need to create a UCSF MyAccess login to access MedHub to complete any student assessments and view your teaching evaluations. Learn more about MedHub access. For questions, contact iROCKET@ucsf.edu.

On CME Vouchers:

How do I get a free CME voucher?

You have access to a free voucher, once a year, for a UCSF Continuing Medical Education (CME) course / conference. Vouchers are subject to space availability for courses or conferences that do not require travel. Learn about CME Vouchers.

On other benefits for VCP:

How do I take advantage of teaching development programs?

You have access to a wide variety of teaching development programs at UCSF.

Can I have access to UCSF Fitness Centers?

You can receive reduced membership rates at UCSF Parnassus and/or Mission Bay Fitness Centers. Call 415-476-1115 for information.