Inquiry Immersion Mini-Course Leaders

The central goal of Inquiry Immersion mini-courses is to help students in the healthcare professions shift from the concept of medicine as a series of facts to be learned from textbooks or didactics, to a vision of medical practice as engagement with an ever-evolving and imperfect body of knowledge.

Develop and teach a two-week mini-course in January for up to 12 students centered on a current challenge or controversy in healthcare. Previously successful mini courses have focused on Cancer Immunotherapy, Physician Aid-in-Dying, Precision Medicine, Violence and Trauma Prevention, Mental Health and Dangerousness, and Climate Change as well as other topics currently being investigated by UCSF faculty. Mini courses require 12 hours of afternoon class (after 1:00pm) time spread over 2-4 days per week (length and location of class at faculty discretion).

Each course should have a capstone component that may take the form of a presentation, debate, group project, or proposal.

Faculty Benefits:

  • Opportunity to design and lead a new course on a healthcare topic that you are passionate about
  • Get to know a group of medical students, develop new collaborations and recruit students to your project in the future
  • Receive credit towards promotions/advancements for being a course director
  • Develop new collaborations and recruit students to work on your research project in the future
  • Learn new teaching skills

Faculty Development and Support:

  • Dedicated staff to support your administrative needs


  • Ability to develop a 2-week course on a current challenge or controversy in healthcare

Time Commitment:

  • 12 hours of class time, scheduled for afternoon time blocks (Mon-Thurs, after 1pm, 2-4 days a week) either at Parnassus or Mission Bay depending on faculty preference