Core Inquiry Curriculum Small Group Facilitators

Core Inquiry Curriculum 2023-2024

Small Group Facilitator Sessions for Winter 2024

We invite you to teach in the 2023-24 Core Inquiry Curriculum (CIC). This is an opportunity to help our students develop skills for life-long learning and the practice of evidenced based medicine. Content expertise is NOT required and everything you need to succeed in this role will be provided in extensive facilitator notes and just in time prep sessions. Our facilitators consistently get very high ratings, so this is a fun and rewarding way to fulfill that teaching component on your CV.

We are currently recruiting for the Winter 2024 quarter and please note that all small group sessions will be in person. Please see below for the dates and times of the CIC small group sessions with the MS1s. Please note that you do not have to volunteer for every block (continuity is desirable but not required). Preceding each small group there will also be an optional facilitator training.  Please contact for more information.




121A (MS1s)

Ground School (GS)

  • TBA

121B (MS1s) Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Part 1 (ABC1)
  • TBA
121B (MS1s) Justice & Advocacy in Medicine (JAM)
  • TBA
121B (MS1s) Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Part 2 (ABC2)

  • TBA
122A (MS2s) Life Stages (LS)
  • TBA
121C (MS1s) REGulatioN (Renal, Endocrine, GI, Nutrition, aka REGN)
  • Session #1 on Monday, January 22nd from 1:10-4:00pm

  • Session #2 on Monday, January 29th from 1:10-4:00pm

  • Session #3 on Monday, February 5th from 2:10-3:30pm

  • Session #4 on Monday, February 26th from 2:30-4:00pm

  • Session #5 on Monday, March 4th from 1:10-4:00pm

  • Session #6 on Monday, March 11th from 1:10-3:00pm

  • Session #7 on Monday, March 25th from 2:10-4:00pm

  • Session #8 on Monday, April 1st from 1:10-3:00pm

121D (MS1s) PhD (The Pathogens & Host Defense Block)
  • TBA

The goal of the Inquiry curriculum is to train medical students to develop an inquisitive habit of mind, challenge current concepts, and create new knowledge—skills critical for the success of the 21st Century Physician. We aim to help students shift from the conception of medicine as a series of facts to be learned from textbooks or didactics, to a vision of medical practice as consistent engagement with an ever-evolving and imperfect body of knowledge.

You would precept student-led PBL sessions in which students explore cases in a student-led, open-ended fashion, with no “right answers." Additionally, you would lead journal club sessions and problem-based exercises in evidence-based medicine, in which students will use inference, Bayesian reasoning, and scientific and biostatistical principles to reason answers to problems. It should be fun!

Faculty Benefits:

  • Opportunity to get to know a group of medical students longitudinally during their first 18 months of medical school
  • Opportunity to help shape and refine an innovative curriculum for the 21st Century Physician
  • Learn new teaching skills
  • Engage with cutting edge problems facing 21st-century care
  • Gain valuable teaching experience

CIC Facilitator Requirements:

  1. Passion for teaching early-stage medical students
  2. Interest in exploration and discovery of cases using a PBL-format
  3. Commitment to continuous learning and improvement of the emerging Core Inquiry Curriculum
  4. Eagerness to gain volunteer teaching credit, experience and recognition
  5. Availability for 4-7 consecutive Monday afternoons (1.5 -2.5 hours) during 1 (or more) Foundational Sciences blocks, shareable with a partner.