Survey Services

CFE can advise on best practices for conducting surveys for educational research purposes.

Consultation services are available for:

  • designing an effective survey
  • selecting the right survey method, for example, online vs. paper
  • developing a CHR protocol
  • processing, analyzing, and storing survey data

Online Surveys: UCSF offers two robust options for creating online surveys, Qualtrics and REDCap. For a comparison of these and other outside survey tools (not including E*Value), see:

Paper Surveys: To collect the opinions of a captive audience in the moment, sometimes a paper survey is best. RaDME offers training on and use of Remark software, and a scanner to process scannable paper surveys created in Microsoft Word.

To request survey-related services for medical education research, please complete the Request for Survey Services form.

Policy for Surveying UCSF Students

If you are surveying students, you should review the Survey Policy for Medical Student Programs beforehand.

Survey Endorsement

Surveys can receive an endorsement from the School of Medicine if they are developed under the guidelines of the above policy or reviewed by the Office of Medical Education. Note: Endorsement requires CHR approval. To submit your survey for endorsement, please fill out the Request for Survey Services form, and check "Survey Endorsement".

Access to Educational Data

Sometimes, the data you are looking for may already exist. Faculty can request access to educational data administered by the Educational Data unit for use in program evaluation, educational research, and quality improvement.

The OME Data Distribution Policy outlines procedures for the distribution of data when UCSF faculty, staff, and learners require the data for evaluation and research purposes. The purpose of this policy is to protect confidential data and the individuals whom the data concerns. Faculty who are interested in requesting data for documentation, research, or evaluation purposes can learn more about Technology Enhanced Education (TEE) systems and support.