Faculty Development Express

FD Express provides needed teaching skills for faculty.

Not all faculty are “naturals” at teaching. Most need skills in teaching, curriculum development, and learner assessment.




Many are unfamiliar with UCSF’s resources to help improve educational skills. Some are unaware of their educational skill deficits. Often, busy faculty are reluctant to commit to in-depth educational skills workshops.

As a faculty leader, what can you do? Talk with us about organizing a short, focused Faculty Development Express session for your group.


  • deliver a short overview of a topic
  • provide a few essential tips on a particular educational concept
  • pique interest in attending an in-depth workshop
  • introduce the faculty who teach the Key Educational Skills Workshop Series

Choice of Topics

  • Clinical Teaching
  • Large Group Teaching
  • Small Group Teaching
  • Teaching Procedural Skills
  • Giving Effective Feedback
  • Other topics upon request


  • Departments
  • Divisions
  • Programs
  • Committees
  • Grand Rounds


  • One hour or less on occasions when faculty come together regularly


Free to UCSF faculty