AOC Initiative Curricular Consultations

San Joaquin Valley (SJV) PRIME medical students volunteer preparing lunch at Poverello House, a non-profit organization in Fresno that provides three meals a day, clothing, housing and other services to men, women and families in need...Kenny V. Banh, MD, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Medical Education & Student Services, works with PRIME students Reyoot Berry (right) and Amitoj Singh (left) in the kitchen at Poverello House. ©2022 Barbara Ries

Bridges Curriculum Anti-Oppression Curriculum (AOC) Initiative Curricular Review Tool and Consultations

The Anti-Oppression Curriculum (AOC) Initiative Team is now offering monthly consultations for faculty teaching medical students in the Bridges Curriculum who would like additional support and guidance in applying anti-oppressive practices in curricular content and approaches.

In 2022, the AOC Initiative Team developed a Curricular Review Tool to guide UCSF faculty in how to begin to integrate anti-oppressive content and processes into School of Medicine courses. The AOC Initiative Curricular Review Tool seeks to raise questions that warrant in-depth review and discussion during session adaptation and development. The current version of the AOC Initiative Curricular Review Tool is available for UCSF faculty to use.

The purpose of the AOC Initiative Curricular Review Tool is to: 

  1. Provide guidance on anti-oppressive considerations
  2. Provide a place to share recommendations and decisions that need to be made collaboratively

The goal of the AOC Initiative Curricular Consultations is to provide additional support and guidance for faculty after they have used the AOC Initiative Curricular Review Tool to begin evaluating course materials.

The hope is that through critical reflection faculty will integrate anti-oppressive practices in teaching and/or curricular content.

How to Get Involved
Monthly sessions, facilitated by Michelle Guy, MD, Associate Director, AOC Initiative, Faculty Development, are available to faculty upon request.

  1. Faculty should first complete the AOC Initiative Curricular Review Tool to evaluate their course materials.​

  2. UCSF faculty may sign up for one of the available monthly consultation times using the AOC Initiative Course Materials Consultations Form.

If you have questions requiring further consultation after your self-evaluation of your materials to integrate anti-oppressive practices in curricular content or approaches, please submit a request form. If you have further questions, please contact