Speakers’ Bureaus

Speakers who disclose active participation in an industry-sponsored speakers’ bureau may not participate in UCSF continuing medical education activities. This includes planning, chairing, moderating, and teaching UCSF CME. UCSF defines speakers’ bureau as having the following characteristics:

  • the company has the contractual right to dictate or control the content of your presentation or talk, and/or
  • the company creates the slides or presentation material and has final approval of the content and edits, and/or
  • you are expected to act as a company’s agent or spokesperson for the purpose of disseminating company or product information.

Note that participation in an education activity, accredited CME or not, and receiving payment or reimbursement to present your own material would be considered an “Honorarium” type of financial relationship as opposed to a “Speakers’ Bureau” type of relationship. A Speakers’ Bureau relationship explicitly involves a contractual agreement to present the company’s material.