Presentation and Syllabus Guidelines

Your conference manager will provide information on details specific to the activity for which you are speaking. However, we have a number of resources for speakers that apply to your powerpoint presentations:

Power Point sample slide for presenters (downloadable .ppt file)

Tips for formatting your powerpoint presentations (downloadable .doc file)

Copyright best practices for syllabus and presentation materials - Coming Soon!

Audience Response Technology (ARS)

Occasionally a conference might utilize audience response technology. Your conference manager will inform you when a specific conference will be offering this. Most commonly at UCSF this is the utilizing of TurningPoint Audience Response clickers.

Ask Meaningful Student Polling Questions with TurningPoint is external)
Nine Ways our Audience Response System Can Help You

Educators' Toolkit

The Educators' Toolkit is designed to help you become a better educator. Technology changes every day... it’s challenging for educators to know what tools they should adopt and where to focus their limited time. We have selected the key technologies, and tell you how to use them, so you can become a more effective educator. We've created this toolkit for all educators at UCSF and beyond.
Visit, which is designed to support you independently. Everything you need to get started is here. We also blend this toolkit with our workshops and consultations.