Post Baccalaureate Curriculum

UCSF Course Catalogue


MCAT Preparation

  1. MCAT science and CARS preparation courses
  2. Test-taking strategies & skills workshops
  3. MCAT review sessions
  4. MCAT practice tests

Skills Workshops

  1. Learning Style Assessment
  2. Time Management & Organization
  3. Emotional Well-Being
  4. Cultural Sensitivity

Medical School Application Workshops

  1. Demystifying the application process (including extracurricular activities, asking for letters of recommendation)
  2. How to prepare an application personal statement
  3. Presenting yourself successfully as an applicant
  4. Interviewing techniques (includes video-taped practice interviews)


A weekly interprofessional graduate seminar (3 unit per quarter course) will be held throughout the program. The focus will be on health care issues in underserved communities. Seminars will also serve as a forum for interprofessional small group research projects and presentations.

Science Curriculum

Science courses are taken through UC Berkeley Extension. Students are required to take 9 units per semester of upper division sciences and maintain an overall GPA of 3.5. Students will be registered for science courses by special arrangement through the UCSF Post Baccalaureate Program.