Additional Information for Visiting Clinical Student Applicants

Requirements for Visiting Clinical Students

  • Processing Fee: Once accepted, applicants must pay $300 processing fee, using instructions provided by department contact. The $300 processing fee is required for each elective, even if in the same department. UCSF accepts credit card payments only. Once you are offered an elective, the department coordinator will contact you with payment instructions. Fees are non-refundable.
  • Health Insurance: You must show proof that you are covered for health insurance. If you do not have health insurance, you must obtain it from Student Health & Counseling Services prior to the start of the elective. If you have questions about coverage, please call (415) 476-1281.
  • Health Form: UCSF requires that you show documentation of titer tests in order to show immunity. Applicants must use the complete the AAMC Standardized Immunization Form in conjunction with either the student health office at your medical school or with their primary care provider. Other resources include:
  • Influenza Vaccination: In addition to completing the health form, you are required to submit documentation showing that you have had the annual influenza vaccination both at the time of application and during your elective. The Influenza Vaccination must be renewed in the Fall of each year.
  • TB screening guidelines: Must provide one of the following:
    • A) History of Negative Screening - Proof of at least one IGRA (QuantiFERON or T-SPOT) blood test performed OR two-step TB skin test (TST) must be completed
    • B) History of Positive Screening - Documentation of positive testing, treatment if any, and a chest x-ray performed within three months of first date on campus.
    • C) History of Active TB Disease - History of active tuberculosis, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Background check: Your school must verify that you have completed a background check at the time of or after matriculation into medical school.
  • Disability Accommodation: Students, Residents or Fellows who require accommodations in order to meet academic standards should contact the UCSF Office of Student Disability Services a minimum of two weeks prior to the start of any rotation or as soon as the need for the accommodation is identified.   Later requests may necessitate rescheduling of the rotation until accommodations can be arranged.  AFFILIATE will inform Students/Residents who plan to rotate at UCSF of the need to request any needed accommodations as early as possible. The AFFILIATE agrees that all expenses related to the accommodation of Students/Residents with disabilities who rotate at UCSF under this agreement are the responsibility of the AFFILIATE.
  • Malpractice Insurance: You must show proof that you are covered for malpractice insurance by your home school. Minimum coverage: $1,000,000 per incident / $3,000,000 aggregate.
  • Disclosure Consent Form: The data you share with UCSF is private and we protect them in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). In order to share data with affiliated clinical sites outside UCSF (SF General, VA Medical Center, and others), we need your consent. Disclosure Consent Form
  • Registration: If taking an elective on the Mission Bay, Parnassus, Mt. Zion, or San Francisco General Hospital campuses, you must check in with your department coordinator on the first day of your rotation.
  • White Coats: You are required to bring your own white coat since one must be worn at all times during patient contact; UCSF does not provide white coats.
  • UCSF Visiting Medical Student ID: A UCSF Identification Card is required while on UCSF property or at affiliate hospitals. If you are scheduled to take an elective at our Mission Bay, Parnassus, or Mt. Zion campus, you will need to retrieve your UCSF ID through the UCSF Police Department and will receive instructions on how to do so prior to your rotation. Other sites, including San Francisco General Hospital and the San Francisco VA Medical Center, may require you to obtain a badge at their site.
  • Mask Fit Test: You must have completed a Mask Fit Test (N95).
  • HIPAA: All students must be in compliance with HIPAA training requirements.
  • OSHA: You must have been instructed in OSHA safety measures and infection control precautions.

Away at UCSF

  • Library Access: Visiting medical students are welcome to use the general collections and public computers in the campus library. They are not eligible for UCSF only materials, services, or discounts.
  • Fitness Centers: The Millberry and Bakar Fitness & Recreation Centers are available to visiting students at a discounted rate when they present their UCSF ID badge at the Fitness & Recreation Center's member services department.
  • Pagers: The University does not provide pagers. Some departments provide students with pagers, but this is negotiated between the student and department.
  • UCSF Campus Maps: Download maps of the various UCSF campuses.
  • Housing: UCSF does not have on-campus housing for visiting students. Housing Services maintains a listing of off-campus housing that includes privately owned apartments, flats, houses, rooms, and various types of shared accommodations. These listings are received from the community and are not inspected by the University. We cannot recommend, guarantee, or be responsible for any of these accommodations.