Educational Scholarship Conference (ESCape)

What is the Educational Scholarship Conference (ESCape)?

ESCape is a weekly lunchtime “brown bag” group scholarship consultation session that provides the opportunity to consult with educational researchers and other colleagues in a friendly group setting. Generally, 5-10 education research faculty attend. Sign up for weekly ESCape notifications of upcoming ESCape sessions.

Who can participate?
Anyone with an interest in medical education research can participate in ESCape sessions.

When and where do I join?
ESCape sessions are every Tuesday from noon-1pm. There are several ways to participate:

In Person:

  • Parnassus: University Hall Suite U80 (G Level)
  • Mission Bay: Mission Hall, Room 4800

Remote Access (via Zoom):

We recommend that ESCape presenters prepare a brief (5-10 minute) elevator pitch of their project and propose several specific questions for the ESCape group. The remainder of the session will be spent discussing the questions proposed.

To get the most from your ESCape consultation please send your manuscript, summary of data, questions for consideration, to CFE by the Friday before your session.

Additional Resources

If you have any questions, please contact Maria Pappas, MS, MA, CAPM, CFE Faculty Development Coordinator at [email protected]