The Kim Award

The Kim Award was established in 2002 by Edward Kim, MD, UCSF SOM alumnus, to promote the well-being, rejuvenation, and work-life balance of an Academy member. Every Academy member is eligible, and the only requirement is that the prize is to be used within a year of its receipt for something fun and not work-related. Members often come up with fun and creative ways to use the award.

Previous recipients of the Kim Award:

2022-2023: Sara Goglin, MD and Gabriel Sarah, MD, MSEd
2021-2022: Sneha Daya, MD and Lydia Zablotska, MD, PhD
2020-2021: Michele Long, MD
2019-2020: Chris Stewart, MD
2018-2019: Mike Harper, MD
2017-2018: Anda Kuo, MD
2016-2017: Brian Schwartz, MD
2015-2016: Marieke Kruidering, PhD
2014-2015: Niraj Sehgal, MD, MPH
2013-2014: Kathy Hyland, PhD
2012-2013: Manny Pardo, MD

2011-2012: Mike Rabow, MD
2010-2011: Lisa Winston, MD
2009-2010: Kimberly Topp, PhD
2008-2009: Tim Kelly, MD
2007-2008: Patricia Robertson, MD
2006-2007: Rebecca Jackson, MD
2005-2006: Maria Wamsley, MD
2004-2005: Andre Campbell, MD
2003-2004: Karen Hauer, MD
2002-2003: Mary Croughan, PhD