The Kim Award

Anda Kuo enjoys her Kim Award with her family.
Anda Kuo, MD (right), recipient of the 2018 Kim Award.

The Kim Award was established in 2002 by Edward Kim, MD, UCSF SOM alumnus, to promote the well-being, rejuvenation and work-life balance of an Academy member. Every Academy member is eligible, and the only requirement is that the prize is to be used within a year of its receipt for something fun and not work-related. Members often come up with fun and creative ways to use the award.

Previous recipients of the Kim Award:

2019-2020: Chris Stewart, MD
2018-2019: Mike Harper, MD
2017-2018: Anda Kuo, MD
2016-2017: Brian Schwartz, MD
2015-2016: Marieke Kruidering, PhD
2014-2015: Niraj Sehgal, MD, MPH
2013-2014: Kathy Hyland, PhD
2012-2013: Manny Pardo, MD
2011-2012: Mike Rabow, MD

2010-2011: Lisa Winston, MD
2009-2010: Kimberly Topp, PhD
2008-2009: Tim Kelly, MD
2007-2008: Patricia Robertson, MD
2006-2007: Rebecca Jackson, MD
2005-2006: Maria Wamsley, MD
2004-2005: Andre Campbell, MD
2003-2004: Karen Hauer, MD
2002-2003: Mary Croughan, PhD