Teach for UCSF Certificate Program

Teach for UCSF Certificate ProgramDeveloping educational skills at UCSF. 

The program creates defined educational paths in 8 areas so that individuals can develop the focused teaching skills they choose and receive a certificate in recognition of achievement. The program is popular with faculty, residents, fellows, and volunteer clinical professors at UCSF and at affiliated institutions. UCSF staff who find the program relevant to their work may participate. Participants complete specific sets of UCSF Educational Skills Workshops. Credit toward a certificate is given after a demonstration of competence through assessments that are completed during each workshop.

We invite you to read more about Teach for UCSF to find out if it is a good fit for you:    

The following tracks are available:

  • General Teaching
  • Clinical Teaching
  • Simulation Teaching
  • Interprofessional Teaching
  • Teaching Quality Improvement and Patient Safety (QI/PS)
  • Education Leadership
  • Teaching for Equity and Inclusion (NEW)
  • Education Research (NEW)

The Teach for UCSF Certificate Program aims to:

  • Create a skilled educator community that is able to use an anti-racist and anti-oppressive framework to ensure an inclusive learning environment and ongoing curricular renewal.
  • Provide an accessible way for faculty and trainees to discover and pursue an interest in improving their educational skills.
  • Develop faculty with a depth of expertise in specific teaching theme areas.
  • Increase the capacity and satisfaction of UCSF faculty as educators.
  • Publicly recognize faculty who improve their educational skills.
Program Details

We expect participants in the Teach for UCSF Certificate Program to:

  • Be eligible for the program. Refer to Policies
  • Participate actively in workshops to attain learning objectives. All UCSF Educational Skills Workshops involve hands-on activities for practicing educational skills. Participation in these activities is the basis of developing both knowledge and competence and benefits the UCSF teaching and learning community.

  • Complete prerequisites before registering for a workshop. Some of our advanced workshops build on prior knowledge, skills, and attitudes.  See the certificate requirements for details.
  • Demonstrate the acquisition of skills by completing an online skills assessment exercise during each workshop. Demonstration of skills is required to receive credit for taking the workshop. Participants demonstrate skills by completing and submitting a skills assessment exercise at each workshop.

  • Set personal goals for applying the skills learned in their own practice setting. At each workshop, participants build a personal Education Action Plan to put newly acquired skills to use. Learning materials from selected workshops are available for review on the Continual Professional Learning space (CPL), along with tools for self-assessment in real-life teaching settings.

Get involved in developing your specialized teaching skills with these steps:

  • Enroll in one or more certificates. By completing an enrollment form online. There is no obligation involved with enrollment, but enrollment is required to obtain a certificate. With enrollment, participants will receive a worksheet to track their progress, links to help them find upcoming workshops, and occasional emails about upcoming workshops.
  • Cohort Option. Join an optional cohort with a few other Teach for UCSF participants to discuss and share ideas for using skills learned in workshops. Cohorts are self-managed and it is up to the members to decide how to interact. More information upon enrolling in a certificate.
  • Register in advance for workshops. Via the workshop schedule or the Teach for UCSF Participant Portal pages. Space is limited. We encourage advance registration in workshops to be sure you can get a spot. Please cancel early if you can no longer attend.
  • Make progress in the certificate. At a suggested pace of 2-3 workshops per year Required workshops are listed on the Teach for UCSF Certificate Portal. Time investment can be as little as 8 hours per year.
  • Track your participation. With transcripts. Enrolled participants receive transcripts twice annually with a list of workshops taken. A separate transcript is sent for each certificate track you enroll in.
  • Receive Recognition.  We recognize the significant time and effort it takes to develop specialized educational skills. We notify participants and their department chairs about certificate completion twice per year, in February and August, with a letter and an invitation to an annual awards ceremony to celebrate the achievement.


  • Eligibility. Teach for UCSF Certificate Program enrollment is available to all who teach or will teach UCSF students, residents, fellows, and post-docs at UCSF and affiliated institutions. UCSF staff who find the program relevant to their work may participate. 
  • Priority in workshop registration is given to those who teach UCSF learners and those participating in the Teach for UCSF Certificate Program or CFE longitudinal faculty development programs.  
  • Cost. There is no charge for workshops except for weekend  Accelerated Path offerings.
  • Frequency. Certain workshops are repeated once or a few times yearly, others rotate on a two- or three-year cycle.
  • Location. Workshops are normally offered at or near UC San Francisco campuses and at selected affiliated teaching sites. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our interactive workshops may be via video-conference only.
  • CME Credit or CE Credit. Workshops carry AMA PRA Category 1 creditTM for eligible health professionals.
Certificate Requirements and Upcoming Workshops

See dates for upcoming offerings and the list of required workshops on the Certificate Portal for each certificate. These links are sent to participants upon enrollment: