Teaching Scholars Program (TSP)

variety of people in classroom

The Teaching Scholars program develops educational leaders and scholars through an intensive seminar series, mentored projects, a network of educational colleagues, and collaborative learning.

To prepare and build a community of educators at UCSF committed to a scholarly approach to education, contributing to education scholarship, and advancing equity and justice in health professions education.

TSP Program Goals

  • Advance scholars’ knowledge, skills, and values through an anti-oppressive and social justice foundation in the following areas:
    • Learning Theory
    • Curriculum
      • Teaching
      • Assessment
    • Education Research
    • Education Leadership and Career Development
  • Build a strong network among scholars that endures beyond TSP and sustains their commitment to advancing scholarship, equity, and social justice in health professions education
  • Support the development of the scholars as educational leaders
  • Mentor scholars to design, implement, and disseminate a scholarly educational product (e.g., curriculum development or education research) that aligns with UCSF’s commitment to anti-racism and anti-oppression.