PILLAR (Program of Learning for Lifelong Approach to Review) is an opportunity for a small cohort of students to receive additional support during two stages of the Bridges curriculum.

PILLAR summer: In PILLAR summer, students spend time solidifying their Bridges Curriculum Foundations 1 medical knowledge during the summer between Foundations 1 year one and Foundations 1 year two. This program will advance participants’ readiness for the second year of Foundations 1, Clerkships and for subsequent assessments, including standardized exams.

PILLAR winter: The PILLAR winter program offers additional structured academic preparation for the Step 1 exam. The program, that consists of weekly group sessions and individual mentoring, is designed for a selected group of students who will require additional structured academic time in order to prepare adequately for the Step 1 exam.

For program details, application deadlines, and other information, students should reference the Medical Student Center site on iROCKET.

For general questions about the program, please contact Dr. Marieke Kruidering, the program director.