School of Medicine Education Deans

Connect directly with any of our deans if you have concerns or questions about the School of Medicine and your educational experience at UCSF. These messages are triaged by Kevin H. Souza, MS, Associate Dean for Medical Education, who will ensure your message reaches the appropriate dean.

For current students with general inquiries, please contact:
513 Parnassus Ave., Suite S-245
San Francisco, CA
Phone (415) 476-1216
Fax (415) 502-1320

Hear perspectives from some of the School of Medicine education deans as they welcome students:

Associate Deans

John Davis

John Davis, PhD, MD

Professor of Medicine; Associate Dean for Curriculum; Interim Associate Dean for Students

John Davis, PhD, MD Profile
To schedule an appointment with Dean Davis, please contact David Rachleff.

Dr. Davis oversees the medical student curriculum and can assist students and faculty with issues related to courses, teaching and supporting the curriculum.
To schedule an appointment with Dean Hauer, please contact Sheila Salapare.

Dr. Hauer sees students with questions about the coaching program, medical education scholarship, the student assessment program, and the MSPE.


Dr. Albert can advise students with information about admissions.



To schedule an appointment with Dean Chin-Hong, please contact David Rachleff.

In this new role, Dr. Chin-Hong will work with the leaders at each regional campus to ensure that the admissions, student experience, curricular integrity, and quality are comparable to those provided at the UCSF main campus.


To schedule an appointment with Kevin, please contact Frances Famacion Mendoza.

Kevin serves as the administrative dean for medical education and can assist students and faculty with information about staff functions, budgets, learning and development, and operations.

Vice Dean

To schedule an appointment, please contact Frances Famacion Mendoza. Follow Dr. Lucey's perspectives on medical education via Twitter (catherinerlucey).

Dr. Lucey oversees all medical education programs including medical students, graduate medical education and continuing medical education. She is available as back up to the Associate Deans for acute issues or in any emergency involving students, faculty or staff.