School of Medicine International Programs Grant for Clinical Experiences

SOM International Programs Grant for Clinical Experiences funds certain expenses for students doing international clinical electives in 4th year, after entering Career Launch. This funding source is not intended for work toward a Master's thesis or language program.

Short-term funding toward travel  and living expenses for students in 4th/final year after entering Career Launch, in the fall, winter, or spring quarters.

Because global health funding is limited, for short-term funding from any UCSF funding source, students are eligible for funded work abroad in the summer after year one for Summer Explore research funds, and again in 4th year after entering Career Launch.

up to $3,000
  1. Must be a UCSF SOM student, who is not in MSTP.
  2. Work must be in one location.
  3. Special permission (on a case-by-case basis) is required for travel to areas that carry a US State Department Travel Advisory “Reconsider Travel” or “Do Not Travel”; OR a UC Trip Planner/Worldcue Security Rating of 5 overall.
  4. All student travel overseas for academic research or rotations must be approved. See this link for further details.
  5. With the application all students must upload the Student Emergency Packet and the approver-signed Student International Travel Approval. These forms are available by link from the SOM International Programs Grant for Clinical Experiences application or on the SOM Academic Forms website
  6. Funding is available only for rotations in under-served settings in resource-limited countries, or on reservations belonging to the sovereign Tribal Nations of the United States.
  7. All research and clinical rotations abroad require SOM global health advising and the completion of SOM required preparation noted during the advising session.
  8. On their return, students are required to submit a Student Trip Report..
4 weeks minimum.
or the Global Health Advisor 


This is a UCSF Funding Source dispersed by the Inquiry Funding Office.
To begin, verify the next deadline for Quarterly Grant applications under “
Applications and Deadlines” on the Inquiry Funding Office website.

This application will apply simultaneously for the Diane Sklar Global Health Initiative Grant if the clinical experience involves maternal-child health, women’s reproduction, or gynecology issues.

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