The Kanbar Center Simulation Fellowship

This fellowship offers students with an interest in simulation-based education the opportunity to learn about different simulation modalities while working on a scholarly project related to simulation.

The Kanbar Center for Simulation and Clinical Skills supports UCSF's educational mission by creating opportunities for teaching, learning, and assessment using simulation as an educational strategy. Activities at the center range from those that use actors (standardized patients), to activities with partial task trainers and/or mannequins. The center serves all five health professional schools at UCSF and provides learning opportunities across the continuum of health professions education. The Kanbar Center aims to advance and innovate health professions education by fostering excellence in simulation education, supporting the development of new curricular programs, formative and summative assessment, and promoting educational research.

The Simulation Fellowship for medical students is a year-long opportunity to learn about simulation and conduct a scholarly project either in curriculum development or education research related to simulation. Applicants will propose a project that can be completed within the scope of a year, and the Kanbar Center leadership will help identify suitable mentors. In addition to project work, the fellow will join the Kanbar staff team and participate in daily operations of the Kanbar Center, helping with set-up and support of simulation programs as needed. Training will be provided by Kanbar staff, providing a unique opportunity to learn the ins and outs of mannequins and other simulation technologies.


UCSF, US, or international location.

  • $37,440 /yr
  • Health insurance, if needed
  • Loan capitalization payment, if applicable
  • Includes graduation with Distinction
12 Months

Sandrijn van Schaik, MD PhD
Professor of Pediatrics
Baum Family Presidential Chair for Experiential Learning
Education Director, UCSF Kanbar Center for Simulation and Clinical Skills


This is a UCSF Funding Source dispersed by the Inquiry Funding Office.
To apply, begin by verifying deadlines and follow the process for Yearlong Research by downloading the “Yearlong Research Quickguide.”

The application will be available on the Application and Deadline page once open. 

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