Deep Explore Project Grant

Deep Explore Project Grant is a one-time, short-term, funding source available on a quarterly basis to all learners in the Deep Explore Program.

Deep Explore Project Grants are intended to help support the completion of learner legacy products and can include critical project expenses, such as small pieces of equipment, software, transcription, printing, statistical consultation, coursework/training and educational expenses directly related to an approved project.

  1. Students who have received Yearlong funding from any source or previous Quarterly funding with an approved project from any UCSF school are not eligible to apply.

  2. Grant is restricted to students who have entered the Career Launch phase of Bridges.

  3. Submission of receipts no later than six months after funding application date, per UCSF guidelines.

  4. Expenses for travel to conferences or for international work are not eligible for reimbursement by this fund.

  5. Mentor Endorsement Form is required with application and should be completed by your UCSF mentor by the application deadline. Link and information can be found on the application form.


This is a UCSF Funding Source dispersed by the Inquiry Funding Office.
To begin, verify the next deadline for Quarterly Grant applications under “Applications and Deadlines” on the Inquiry Funding Office website.   
Application opens approximately one month prior to the deadline, and notifications will be sent approximately one month after the application closes. Please note that Quarterly Grants are due in the quarter before the project work is scheduled.

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