Anti-Oppression Curriculum Initiative Yearlong Fellowship

The AOCI (Anti-Oppression Curriculum Initiative) is seeking a year-long student fellow to partner with our team of faculty, students, and staff to advance the Bridges curriculum towards an increasingly anti-racist, anti-oppressive approach. In this role, students taking a year out from medical school collaborate with the AOCI team full-time on a number of efforts including:
• Leadership of the AOCI-Student Collaborative and peer mentorship of other students involved in AOCI-linked projects
• Curricular innovations and/or assessment projects in the Justice and Advocacy in Medicine Blocks
• Scholarly project focused on anti-oppressive education (tailored to current efforts of the AOCI and fellow's interests)
• Participation in the Health Professions Education (HPE) Pathway
• Involvement in AOCI taskforces and working groups
• Involvement in AOCI evaluation projects
• Feedback to curricular partners in the Bridges Curriculum


  • $37,440/yr
  • Health insurance, if needed
  • Loan capitalization payment, if applicable
  • Includes MD with Distinction in Yearlong Research 

AOCI Information

  1. Medical students taking taking a year off for full-time research.
  2. UCSF mentor or co-mentor if project is not at UCSF
  3. Completion of an MD with Distinction
  4. Production of a legacy project approved by the student's Distinction in Yearlong Research committee
  5. Oral and poster presentations at year-end UCSF Inquiry Symposium
  6. Students are only able to receive funding for 1 year, additional years of research are not able to be funded by the Inquiry Funding Office.
12 months

This is a UCSF Funding Source dispersed by the Inquiry Funding Office. To apply, begin by verifying deadlines and process for Yearlong Research by downloading the “Yearlong Research Quickguide.”

Find the application deadline and form (when available) HERE. 

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