The Maxine Papadakis Awards for Faculty Professionalism and Respect

Maxine Papadakis 2019 Winner
From left to right: Catherine Lucey, MD, Executive Vice Dean for Education with Maxine Papakadis 2019 recipient Megan Richie, MD, and her child. Photo by Elisabeth Fall.

The Maxine Papadakis Awards recognize faculty who are exemplars in treating students and all others in the clinical environment with professionalism, courtesy and respect.

    Dr. Papadakis recently retired as Associate Dean for Students at UCSF School of Medicine from 1998 to 2016. She is currently Professor Emerita. During her tenure, Dr. Papadakis devoted considerable effort to measuring and improving the professionalism and respectful behavior of faculty in the learning environment. It was her work that led to the “respect” questions on the student evaluations of faculty. These questions ask every student to indicate the extent to which faculty treated them and others with courtesy and respect. Dr. Papadakis has published widely in this area, and received national recognition for her work.

    Recipients for 2019

    • Era Kryzhanovskaya, MD, Department of Medicine
    • Lynn Ramirez, MD, MS, Department of Pediatrics
    • Megan Richie, MD, Department of Neurology

    The importance of publicly rewarding outstanding behavior in shaping excellent cultures of learning and patient care cannot be overestimated. By celebrating the faculty teachers in the core clinical rotations, we have the opportunity to significantly impact the clinical learning climate for our students.