Cooke Awards for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Four women standing close together.
From left; Bridget O'Brien, Kai Kennedy, Kate Lupton, and Lisa Mihaly

The Cooke Award for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning was established in 2007 to recognize outstanding scholarly works presented at Education Showcase.

All submissions to Education Showcase were eligible for these awards, which are accompanied by a certificate and honorarium. Top-scoring projects were nominated for the award following a blinded peer review of all abstract submissions. Award winners were determined by a ballot in which Scholarship Committee members ranked the blinded abstracts, excluding those in which they were involved.

2023 Recipients

  • Erica Brode, MD, MPH, Deborah Yip, Dolores Canales, Joseph Calderon, Brie Williams and Betsy Wan, MD for their work: Learning from lived experience: A community-engaged approach to improving carceral health curriculum in the family and community medicine clerkship​
  • Kate Lupton, MD, FACP​; Corina Iacopetti, MD, MA​; Kai Kennedy, PT, DPT​; Lisa Mihaly, RN, MS, FNP​; Letcia Rolón, MD​; Bridget C. O’Brien, PhD​ for their work: Development of Anti-Racist, Anti-Oppressive Competencies to Support Health Professions Educators

Each received a certificate of achievement, and the first authors received an honorarium.

Past Cooke Award Recipients

  • Erica Brode, Joey Bernal, Jennifer Karlin, Kris Srinivasan, Besty Wan, Margo Vener, and Sandrijn Vanschaik for their work: Motivational theory in action: Impact of an asynchronous faculty development course for FCM volunteer community preceptors at UCSF and UCD 
  • Madeline Grade, Nicholas Stark, David Emanuels, Alice Lu, Leonardo Garcia, Alyssa Nip and Christopher Peabody for their work: A Digital Education Tool for Social Resources in the Emergency Department 
  • Angelina Fluet, BA; Jenna Essakow, MD and Mindy Ju, MD, MA for their project: Standardized Patient Perspectives on Bias in Medical Simulation 
  • Anika Kalra, MS; Allison Foreman; Jayne Gagliano; Alejandro Chavez; Nathan Smith, MPH; Alisa Jenny, MPH; Debbie Bain Brickley, MPH, DrPH; Andrew Maher, MPH; Mike Reid, MD, MA, MPH; Shayanne Martin, MPH for their project: Evaluation of a Rapid Outcome-Based COVID-19 Contact Tracing Curriculum in San Francisco 
  • Lee Seligman, MD Candidate, Abdikarin Abdullahi, BS, Arianne Teherani, PhD, and Karen Hauer, MD, PhD: From grading to assessment for learning: a qualitative study of student perceptions surrounding the elimination of core clerkship grades

Stanley Vance, Jr., MD; Sara Buckelew, MD, MPH; Brian Dentoni-Lasofsky, MSN, MSW, PMHNP-BC; Matthew Meyers, MD, MPH; Madeline Deutsch, MD, MPH and Elizabeth Ozer, PHD for their project:

Enhancing Pediatric Trainees' Skills in Providing Gender-Affirming Care for Transgender Adolescents Using Standardized Patient Encounters

  • Clarice Nguyen, MS4, Dr. George Sawaya and Dr. Ari Hoffman for their work: Effect of cost exposure on medical students’ preferred mammography screening strategies: how should we teach high-value care?
  • Jason Parad, MS3 and Dr. Denise Connor for their work: Characterizing Diagnostic Reasoning in the UCSF Pre-Clerkship Curriculum
  • Building Psychological Safety for Interprofessional Education on Inpatient Internal Medicine Teams: Daphne Lo, MD, UCSF; Kathryn Eubank, MD, UCSF; G. Michael Harper, MD, UCSF; Michi Yukawa, MD, MPH, UCSF; Bridget O'Brien, PhD, UCSF
  • Safe Quality Services - A novel training approach for infection control and emergency care skills in post-Ebola (EVD) Liberia: Kayla Enriquez, MD, MPH, UCSF; Michelle Niescierenko, MD, MPH, Boston Childrens Hospital; Kanagasabai Udhayashankar, MD, MPH, John F. Kennedy Medical Center, Liberia
  • Outpatient Systems Analyses - An Interprofessional Curriculum to Teach Patient Safety: Maya Dulay, MD, UCSF; Krista Gager, MS, AGNP-BC, SFVA, UCSF; Josue Zapata, MD, MBA, UCSF; David Margolius, MD, Case Western Reserve; Bridget O'Brien, PhD, UCSF; JoAnne Saxe, DNP, ANP-BC, FAAN, UCSF
  • Editing Wikipedia for medical school credit – results from four cycles of an elective for fourth-year students: Amin Azzam, MD, MA; Lane Rasberry, Consumer Reports; James Heilman, MD, BSc, University of British Columbia; Kingsley Otoide; Jack McCue, MD; Valerie Swisher, BA, Content Rules; Fred Trotter, BS, DocGraph, Inc.; Evans Whitaker, MD
  • Melissa Bachhuber, MD; Patricia O'Sullivan, EdD; Arianne Teherani, PhD; Bridget O'Brien, PhD for their submission, Using Design Based Research to Advance Systems-Oriented Workplace Learning Experiences, accepted for Education Showcase as an oral presentation.
  • Karen Hauer, MD; Sandra Oza, MD, MS; Jennifer Kogan, MD; Corrie Stankiewicz, MD; Terese Stenfors-Hayes, PhD; Olle ten Cate, PhD; Joanne Batt; Patricia O'Sullivan, EdD, for their submission, How Clinical Supervisors Form Trust in Their Trainees: A Qualitative Study, accepted for Education Showcase as an oral presentation.
  • Deena Bengiamin, MD; Stacy Sawtelle, MD; Stuart Maxwell, MD; Peter Anastopoulos, MD; Omar Guzman, MD; Jaime Antuna, MD for their submission, Development of an Inter-professional Patient Safety Curriculum in Emergency Medicine using Simulation, accepted for Education Symposium as an oral presentation.
  • Ivan Gomez, MD Alex Sherriffs, MD; Susan Hughes, MS; Rebeca Lopez, MPH, for their submission, Innovative faculty development using objective structured teaching exercises (OSTE), accepted for Education Symposium as an oral presentation.
  • Darren Fiore, MD, Annette Carley, RN, MS, NNP, PNP, Mary Lynch, RN, PNP-BC, MS, MPH, FAAN, Sherilyn Van Osdol, PharmD, BCPS, for their submission, Key Principles of High-Quality Interprofessional Team Communication: A Web-Based Interactive Curriculum,accepted for Education Symposium as an oral presentation.
  • Dylan Masters, BA, Anna Chang, MD, Marieke Kruidering-Hall, PhD, Karen Hauer, MD and Calvin Chou, MD, PhD, for their submission, Prior Peer-learning Relationships Enhance Student Delivery of Communication Skills Feedback, accepted for Education Symposium as an oral presentation.
  • Krishan Soni, MD, MBA, Mia Lozada, MD, and Michelle Schneidermann, MD, for their submission, A Brief Structured Peer-to- Peer Feedback Intervention to Improve the Quality of Resident Discharge, accepted for Education Day as an electronic poster.
  • Chelsea Bowman, MS4, Naama Neeman, MSc, and Niraj Sehgal MD, MPH, for their submission, "PACD" Notes: Using a Documentation Checklist to Promote Patient Safety,accepted for Education Day as an oral presentation.
  • Louise Aronson, MD, MFA; Anda Kuo, MD; Sharad Jain, MD, Vanessa Grubbs, MD; Jennifer Siegel, MD; and Alice Chen, MD; University of California, San Francisco - Writing for Change: Training Residents in Health Policy Advocacy through Narrative
  • Helen Loeser, MD, MSc - Competency-Based Curricula for the Health Professions in Tanzania
  • Bridget O'Brien, PhD - What's Really So Different about Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships (LICs) and Block Clerkships? Findings from a Multi-Center Observational, Work Sampling Study
  • Michelle Lin, MD - Negative Impact of Crowding on Faculty Teaching Time in the Emergency Department
  • Michelle Mourad, MD - Starting at the Source: An Intervention to Improve Internal Medicine Procedure Education
  • Jennifer Plant, MD - Understanding the Self-Assessment Process
  • Marieke Kruidering-Hall, PhD - Teaching Feedback to First-Year Medical Students: Long-Term Skill Retention and Accuracy of Student Self-Assessment
  • Anna Chang, MD - Predicting Failing Performance on the Clinical Performance Examination
  • Jacqueline Dolev, MD - The EDerm Web-Based Curriculum Study
  • Margo Vener, MD, MPH - Model SFGH: Impact on Medical Education and Career Intention
  • Eva Chittenden, MD - A Web-Based Palliative Care Communication Curriculum
  • Judith Prochaska, PhD, MPH - Medical Students' Use of the Stages of Change Model in Tobacco Cessation Counseling