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Marc Schenker, MD, named Alumni of the Year April 20, 2018

April 20, 2018 The Medical Alumni Association Alumni of the Year Award is presented each year to an alumnus/a for his/her dedication to the true principles of a physician, contributions to medicine, and services to the community. Awardees for this high honor have demonstrated his/her outstanding qualifications in one or more of the following areas: research, teaching, and/ or clinical practice. The Medical Alumni Association Board is honored to announce their 2018 recipient, Marc Schenker, MD... Read More

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Survivor On the Margins: Historic UCSF Transplant Patient Without A Home April 16, 2018

April 16, 2018 Read a first-year medical student's story of a historic UCSF patient, who is one of the first people worldwide to receive a kidney transplant.  Learn more. Read More

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New course offers medical educators the latest insights into teaching and educational program design March 05, 2018

March 5, 2018 “The future of the medical profession is in good hands. Our job as educators is to unleash the power of our learners,” said Catherine Lucey, MD, Vice Dean for Education and Executive Vice Dean for the School of Medicine, speaking at the Developing Medical Educators of the 21st Century course last week in San Francisco.   “So how do we support the faculty who will do this work? Twenty-first century faculty need new skills to teach, assess, mentor and guide learners, thus co-... Read More

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Discovery and Innovation Take the Forefront of Inquiry Immersion February 16, 2018

February 16, 2018 Last month, Bridges Class of 2021 completed their first Inquiry Immersion, an introduction to the breadth of research, innovation, and scholarship available to them at UCSF and beyond.  Over two weeks they explored a range of scientific domains, engaged with a current controversy in healthcare, and looked ahead to their own contributions and discoveries. “In general, the Inquiry element of the Bridges Curriculum helps students recognize the limits of current knowledge and... Read More

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Baum Family Presidential Chair for Experiential Learning Awarded to Sandrijn van Schaik, MD, PhD, Professor of Clinical Pediatrics February 08, 2018

February 8, 2018 Professor of Clinical Pediatrics Sandrijn van Schaik, MD, PhD, has received the Baum Family Presidential Chair for Experiential Learning. The appointment will be presented today in recognition of her transformative contributions in interprofessional experiential learning and exemplary leadership in supporting UCSF’s commitment to educating 21st century physicians. “This is an enormous honor and an important recognition for the work we have done at UCSF to advance simulation... Read More

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UCSF School of Medicine Recognized for Leading Geriatrics Education Program February 01, 2018

February 1, 2018 UCSF's School of Medicine was recognized by US News and World Reports as one of the best schools for geriatrics education for medical students, and for outstanding geriatrics research faculty. Read more about about UCSF's geriatrics education programs. Read More

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Summary of School of Medicine Leadership Retreat January 29, 2018

January 29, 2018 “We will share and develop big, bold ideas that will inspire and challenge all members of the School of Medicine over the next five years,” declared Dean Talmadge E. King, Jr., MD, in his welcome address at the 2018 School of Medicine Leadership Retreat. With this year's theme being the evolving strategic plan for the school, he stressed the goal of developing “a shared understanding of what the school as a whole needs to accomplish, both to ensure that it continues to thrive... Read More

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Byers Distinguished Professorship Awarded to Wendell Lim, Chair of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology January 22, 2018

UC San Francisco Chancellor Sam Hawgood, MBBS, announced Wednesday that Brook and Shawn Byers have established the Byers Distinguished Professorship, which will be awarded to Wendell Lim, PhD. The professorship recognizes Lim’s comprehensive record of academic achievement, leadership and service to the community. As professor and chair of the Department of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology, Lim is a world leader in the fields of cell therapy and cell engineering. Cell therapies are poised to... Read More

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Helping Hands - Our Students and Residents Bring Compassion and Idealism to our Communities December 22, 2017

December 22, 2017 As we celebrate the season of giving, let's give a shout-out to our amazing students and residents who go beyond their training to help others. The following highlights are only a sample of the many initiatives that help bring care and advance health equity for patients and communities, locally and globally. Read More

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UCSF medical students recognized for discovery and innovation at the Inquiry Summer Explore Symposium December 12, 2017

December 13, 2017 “The nature of what we do as physicians is to make use of information, and critically think about research with a high level of inquiry. Matching to a residency program goes beyond Step 1 and students’ performance; research activities can play a role a role in matching to many specialties,” said Associate Dean for Students Lee Jones, MD. Dr. Jones was the plenary speaker at the 2017 Inquiry Summer Explore Symposium held on December 11, which drew over 200 medical students,... Read More

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