Family Medicine/Primary Care - David Vanderryn Memorial Fund Preceptorship/Project Program

The David Vanderryn Memorial Fund Preceptorship/Project Program, named in memory of a Family Medicine Resident, is an opportunity for UCSF medical students to gain early exposure to family and community medicine as it applies to the underserved while being immersed in a preceptorship/project that serves that community.

The preceptorship could be anywhere within the United States and would involve you securing a placement in an underserved primary care setting. An affiliation agreement would need to be established with the site if one does not currently exist, which FCM could assist with. Students would be working with a physician(s) at the site up to the capacity of current training levels. Some students have a site immediately in mind and others have a particular interest in a specific population and then explore places to approach. Sometimes places can be suggested based on student interest and availability.

Projects (e.g. research, community engagement, etc.) proposed would need to have application to underserved family medicine/primary care.

The awards are mostly for 4 week full-time activities ($600/wk), but could extend to as long as 8 weeks depending on circumstances and what is being proposed.

  • UCSF SOM students between years 1 & 2.
  • Applications must include: 1) completed application form, 2) current CV, and 3) a 500-word essay describing long-term goals, medical career interests, and reasons for doing a preceptorship/project in an underserved community. (If you have identified a community in which you would like to work, you should include that information in the essay).
  • May not receive funding from another source for the same experience or timeframe.
4-8 weeks

Contact Roy Johnston for application: MU 335E, tel. 415/476-2503 or

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