The Bley Stein Foundation Program for Scientific Conferences Award

Dr. Ron Stein (SOM ’61) has established a new fund from The Bley Stein Family Foundation to support medical students who have an accepted paper at a recognized scientific meeting. The fund supports expenses related to participation in these conferences, including but not limited to travel and lodging. The Inquiry Funding Office selects awardees based on competitive review of applications, given a limited number of awards available per year. Application for funding can occur either before or after the travel has been completed as long as it is within the same academic quarter. UCSF Medical Students are eligible to receive up to one award per academic year.
  1. Limited to registered UCSF Medical Students.
  2. Students on Leave of Absence from the School of Medicine are not eligible unless currently funded by the Inquiry Funding Office Yearlong Research Grant or participating in other UCSF-affiliated research programs.
  3. Limited to one award per student, per academic year (July-June)
  4. For funding release, both airfare and conference registration receipts are required to demonstrate spending.  Once received, students will be provided full award, as budgeted.  BOTH items are required for payment.
  5. Eligible expenses include, but are not limited to: economy class airfare, registration fees, transfers, lodging, meals and incidentals per UCSF funding guidelines, and miscellaneous costs or materials (e.g. poster printing, association membership, etc.)

*** For International Meetings: Attest that all steps of the Travel Approval Process have been satisfied.  More details can be found here:…

Up to $1,500

1. Abstract (PDF)

  • Title, Authors, and affiliations
  • Rationale, Methods, Results, Conclusion (500 words maximum)
  • Up to 2 data display items (figures with legends and/or tables)

2. Mentor Recommendation Letter (PDF)

  • Student’s role
  • Significance/impact of the project within the field, literature, and/or career of the student
  • How the student will benefit from the conference experience
  • Up to a maximum of one page

3. Document of dissemination, such as poster or abstract acceptance, conference agenda, poster or workshop program with student name listed.

4. Anticipated budget up to the maximum grant amount, up to $1500. 


The Inquiry Funding Office faculty and staff team are enthusiastic about helping UCSF medical students succeed in their research and funding applications. Contact us with questions, concerns, or feedback at


Application and payment is a two-step process. First, submit a request for approval here: Bley Stein Conference Award Application

When you are ready to request payment (after your application is approved), upload required airfare and registration receipts on the Stipend Request Form.

Upon completion of travel, please complete the post-travel report and help us understand your total costs for this meeting and other funding sources received.


  • July 15th by 12pm noon (application opens June 15th)
  • November 15th by 12pm noon (application opens October 15th)
  • January 15th by 12pm noon (application opens December 15th)
  • April 15th by 12pm noon (application opens March 15th)  


Funding Sources
Funding Type
Travel and Dissemination