Teach for UCSF Certificates

CFE Teach for UCSF workshops are offered at the Education ShowcaseThe following participants and completed these tracks in 2017:

General Teaching
  • Lela Bachrach, MD
  • Annette M. Carley, RN, MS
  • Denise Connor, MD
  • Michael L. Coppolino, MD, MSc
  • Kaissa De Boer, MD, BSc
  • Mark A. Dellinges, DDS
  • Christopher Fee, MD
  • Marla Ferschl, MD
  • Darren Fiore, MD
  • Nina I. Garga, MD
  • David Jull-Patterson, PhD
  • Shruti Kant, MD
  • Ellen Laves, MD
  • Alissa M. Peterson, MD
  • Thomas Reid, MD
  • Ingeborg Schafthalter-Zoppoth, MD
Clinical Teaching
  • Yelena Fenik, MD
  • Valerie A. Gruber, PhD
  • David Jull-Patterson, PhD
  • Peterson Pierre, RN, MS
Simulation Teaching
  • Pamela Bellefeuille, RN, MN
  • Darren Fiore, MD
  • David Jull-Patterson, PhD

Please read about the Teach for UCSF Program for more information and registration details