Curriculum Ambassador Program


Launched in the Summer of 2001, the Curriculum Ambassador program is one of the great hallmarks of curricular change and enhancement at UCSF, and an exciting example of the way in which first year students* have an active role in shaping their education.

This coming summer, the Curriculum Ambassador program will build and continue to refine the Bridges curriculum for 2020-21.

  • This is an 8-week immersive experience in which teams of students (*between 1st and 2nd year) work on identified areas of need for the Bridges Curriculum. This year, the priority is remote learning for Fall 2020.
  • Program dates for 2020: June 15th-August 7th
  • Student Ambassadors will earn $3,500 for a full-time, 8-week stipend. You can opt to work 7 out of the 8 weeks and take one week of vacation

Once again we are looking for dedicated and adventurous students to join us this summer to help close the gaps in quality health care today while helping us establish and refine new ways of training to be a physician.

Important dates and information for 2020

  • Applications: Apply through Labspot, due March 1st. As of May 19th, please apply here
  • Program runs for eight weeks starting June 15th and ending on Friday, August 7th
  • You can choose to take vacation time and work 7 weeks
  • Classes begin Monday, August 10th
  • Full time stipend is $3,500. We use Federal Work Study Funding for those who qualify

Workshops and Weekly sessions

This Summer we will do structured, in-depth review/book club featuring “Curriculum Development for Medical Education” by Thomas, Kern, et al (3rd edition). The structure of the workshops will be:

  • Wednesday June 17th (morning): Introduction to the Curriculum Ambassador Program, followed by a Literature Search session with Josephine Tan, research librarian.
  • Thursday June 18th & Friday June 19th: Structured review of Kern's 6 step model (an in-depth book club, with time for hands-on exploration of how each Step applies to their specific summer projects). All students should have read the book prior to the start of the workshop. For each chapter of Kern's book, we will ask 1-2 students (assigned in advance) to give a brief overview of the chapter, model how they will use this information for their project and then solicit questions from other participants.  We will give groups/individuals a bit of time to try out the content for their own project and be available for help as needed. In addition, we will have Josephine Tan join us. We will also have Brian Schwartz & Anna Chang’s Mentoring workshop.
  • Following this, we would like to hold weekly Works in Progress sessions on Tuesdays from 9am-11:30am via Zoom where students can present their projects and get feedback from their peers and faculty who are present. Depending on the final number of students/projects, each project will likely get to present at 2-3 WIP sessions over the course of the summer.

Program Leadership

John Davis, MD, PhD
Associate Dean for Curriculum, School of Medicine
Associate Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases

Patricia O'Sullivan, EdD
Professor in the Department of Medicine
Director of Research and Development in Medical Education in the Center for Faculty Educators

Jenny Mandal, MD
Curriculum Ambassador Program Director
Clinical Fellow
Division of Rheumatology

David Rachleff, Program Coordinator