Course and Study List Registration Information

To enroll in courses each quarter, you need to file a study list. Your study list shows the courses in which you are enrolled, the number of units, the instructor, and the grading option. Registering for classes via the SAA Student Portal is a student’s professional responsibility. Your study list is used by the Registrar and Financial Aid Office to track enrollment status by ensuring that every student maintains full-time status each quarter. In addition, courses on your study list populate the course roster that is used by instructors to enter grades at the end of the block/term. If you do not add the right courses to your study list under the right quarter, you may be not have enough units (which can prevent you from receiving financial aid disbursements), and your instructors will be unable to enter your grade. 

The Registrar sends an email to all students announcing the start of study list filing (registration), and deadlines by which students must complete various steps in the registration process. Please see the study list filing deadlines on the Registrar’s website:

If you have any questions while you are filing your study list, please contact your MSE Advisor or Xavier Macy for Foundations 1, Nikki Williams for Foundations 2 and Wenia Lee for Career Advising.

Minimum Units Required Each Quarter

Year in Program Summer Fall Winter Spring
MS1 12 12 12 12
MS2 12 12 12 12
MS3 11 11 10 11
MS4 12 12 12 3

Note: If you fall below these units, please contact your MSE Advisor.

Template Courses to Accept During Early Enrollment Period

From the Registrar's Office (see Early Course Enrollment here: Study list filing normally opens 7 weeks prior to the start of the quarter. Students in some programs must enroll in a minimum number of courses or units by a deadline approximately 4 weeks before the quarter begins. Please check the "Summary" tab in the student portal for the enrollment deadlines that apply to you. A $50 late fee applies if you do not meet your minimum enrollment requirement by your deadline. You need to clear your holds before you can complete your minimum enrollment requirements. If you receive financial aid, you will need to meet your minimum enrollment requirement before we will release your financial aid. Special note: For your convenience, you may be pre-enrolled in your required courses. However, you will need to accept these courses before they will be added to your study list. You also will need to add any additional courses (e.g. electives) to your study list.

Year in Program Summer Fall Winter Spring
MS1 n/a

IDS 121A (9 units), 121B (20 units)

IDS 121C (18 units), IDS 123A (3 units) IDS 103B, 104, 131C
MS2 n/a IDS 122 A (11 units), IDS 122B (12 units), IDS 122C (4 units)

FCM 110 (2 units), IDS 113A (1.5 units)

FCM 110 (2 units), IDS 113B (1.5 units), IDS 117A (1.5 units)


FCM 110 (2 units, IDS 113 (1.5 units) IDS 117B (1.5 units

FCM 110 (2 units, IDS 113 (1.5 units)

MS4 No template - Add at least 12 units of coursework No template - Add at least 12 units of coursework No template - Add at least 12 units of coursework IDS 115

Note: IDS 113=FS in F2 Day; IDS 117=ARCH; IDS 115=CODA.

Courses You Must Add to Your Study List by the Online Study List Filing Deadline

From the Registrar (see Change Period here:  After study list filing opens, you can add courses, drop courses, and, for some courses, change the instructor, units, or grading option. You can make these changes online on the Study List tab in the student portal until study list filing closes. Please review our study list filing dates.

Year in Program Summer Fall Winter Spring
MS1 n/a Any electives Any electives Any electives


n/a Any electives

Foundations 2 begins here:

Block 1 & 2 Clerkships and/or CIEx


  • Block 3 Clerkship and/or CIEx
  • Block 4 Clerkship and/or CIEx
  • Block 5 & 6 Clerkships and or CIEx
  • Block 6 Clerkship
  • Any 2-week electives
  • 4th-year Spring Block
  • 4th-year Summer Block 1A (2 weeks, if going on a leave)




  • Summer Block 1A/1B
  • Summer Block 2A/2B
  • Summer Block 3A/3B
  • Fall Block 1A/1B
  • Fall Block 2A/2B
  • Fall Block 3A/3B
  • Fall Block 4A/4B
  • Winter Block 1A/1B
  • Winter Block 2A/2B
  • Winter Block 3A/3B
  • Spring Block 1A/1B


  • Foundations 2: Two-week electives are 3 units each: Courses scheduled during vacation times in OBGYN,  PEDS, or in structured program vacation times. These courses include: ANES 110, IDS 110, or 140.05 Surgical Subspecialty Selective, EMER 140.41, etc. Note that students CANNOT take an elective at the same time they are completing a Core Clerkship.
  • MS4: Four-week clerkship blocks that span two academic quarters may be added to either quarter, but not both. Remember that MS4s must have 12 units on their study list for all quarters except the Spring quarter in which they graduate. Please contact Cha Viloria if you have questions.