Policies, Rules and Eligibility

RAPtr exists to facilitate funding opportunities for students and trainees involved in research or innovation projects, or international clinical experiences. To provide an equitable environment for our students, we have certain regulations, explained here.




If you are applying for a grant through RAPtr, it is absolutely required that you report any and all other funding that you are receiving.  This is due to our policy of internal grant caps on money from UCSF. This policy is meant to insure that the available internal funds to support UCSF students are distributed as equitably and widely as possible.  Thus, if you are successful in getting external funding (which we strongly encourage!), this essentially frees up internal funding for other students.  This plan can only work if there is a cap on the amount of funding from internal sources.  Of course, this cap does not apply to external funding - for example, if you receive a $5,000 summer research grant from an outside agency, you can keep the entire amount even though the internal cap is $3,500 – but you would not be eligible for any additional money from UCSF.  Alternatively, if you received a $2,000 summer research grant from an outside agency, and your application for an internal summer research grant was approved, we would offer you $1,500 so that you can reach the maximum allowed internally.




If your research requires CHR/IRB approval, this approval must be in place prior to beginning your research.  It is not adequate to be in the process of getting approved when you begin – the approval process must be complete by the time you begin your research.  Please note that CHR/IRB approval can sometimes be a lengthy process and should be started ASAP.  If you do not have your CHR/IRB approval in place prior to beginning your research, you may lose your funding.  If your project does not require CHR/IRB approval, please note this in your application.  Please see http://www.research.ucsf.edu/chr/ for more information on whether or not your project requires CHR/IRB approval.




If you are awarded a RAPtr grant, you will be sent an acceptance letter that doubles as a contract.  You are required to sign and initial this contract appropriately by the deadline set forth or you may lose your grant offer.  The contract will detail what specific requirements your grant entails.  Acceptance of the grant and signing the contract means that you agree to adhere to all requirements and stipulations set forth.