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Medical Education

Teaching from the Classroom to the Clinic


Sharad Jain, MD, center, works with medical resident Kavita Radhakrishna in the General Medicine Clinic at San Fracisco General Hospital and Trauma Center. Photo by Cindy Chew

What makes a good teacher? When it comes to dealing with life and death, a great teacher looks beyond the classroom to empower students who will be making critical decisions. Here are some ways that's happening at UC San Francisco.

To prepare the next generation of health care providers, many faculty are moving away from rote memorization and toward a more immersive, hands-on approach to teaching. UCSF's faculty have embraced a range of new methods from facilitating experiential learning by visiting vulnerable patients’ in their homes to replacing lectures with hands-on practice labs.




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Story By Kathleen Masterson


  • Deadline: March 25, 2015—2015 AAMC Medical Education Meeting Call for Submissions

  • To maximize support of, and advocacy for, our educators, the School of Medicine is launching the new Center for Faculty Educators, an administrative unit designed to align the resources dedicated to our premier programs for faculty who are committed to teaching the next generation of health professionals.

  • Innovation and change in the health sciences are accelerating at an unprecedented pace.  Just 60 years ago, the structure of DNA had only just been proposed; the polio vaccine was newly invented; and the HIV/AIDS was yet to be identified.

  • Any UCSF faculty member may submit proposals and requests to the Campus Units and Senate Committees via the Senate portal web site. Consider the funding areas for the call and apply now at

  • If you are a faculty member, resident, or student who is in the middle or final stages of developing an educational program or curriculum, but do not have a well thought-out evaluation plan in place, this workshop is for you.

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