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Medical Education
Medical Student Education

Foundations 2

Foundations 2 (F2) is the second phase of the Bridges Curriculum in which students will complete their core clinical clerkships and revisit foundational science concepts for improved patient care. In addition, students will have the opportunity to enroll in short 2 or 4 week clinical electives to explore a variety of clinical specialties beyond the core clerkships. F2 starts in January and runs through mid-December.

For all aspects of this phase of the curriculum, it is important for learners to comply with the School of Medicine's Foundations 2 Attendance PolicyNOTE: Students requesting an absence from components of F2 should submit their request here

Core Clerkships

Students complete clerkships in major specialties of clinical medicine:

  • Internal medicine (8 weeks)
  • Surgery (8 weeks)
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology (6 weeks)
  • Pediatrics (6 weeks)
  • Neurology (4 weeks)
  • Psychiatry (4 weeks)
  • Anesthesia (2 weeks)
  • Family and Community Medicine (longitudinal)
    • The FCM Clerkship runs longitudinally during Foundations 2. Students spend one day every other week in their family medicine clinic and attend FCM Seminar on the morning of the IDS 113 course.

IDS 113: Foundational Sciences in Foundations 2

Students step out of clerkships one day every other week to participate in high-yield curricular activities, exploring key topics that will interweave and integrate with their clinical clerkships:

  • Appropriate Use of Diagnostic Tests (ADT): Students will learn how to choose appropriate diagnostic tests for common clinical indications. ADT sessions emphasize how to safely and judiciously leverage radiologic and laboratory-based diagnostic tests in the support of patient care.
  • Foundational Sciences in Foundations 2 (FS-in-F2): FS-in-F2 is dedicated to advancing and reinforcing students’ understanding of foundational science through spiral learning and clinical inquiry. Sessions will include a variety of activities such as small group discussion, problem-based learning, panels, and lectures.

Clinical Immersion Experiences (CIEx)

CIEx (pronounced “kicks”) are two to four week clinical electives that provide opportunities for career exploration in areas other than the Core Clerkships or a deeper exploration of a Core Clerkship specialty or subspecialty. There are four types of CIEx:

  • Integrative Elective
  • Apprenticeship Elective
  • Clinical Skills Building Elective
  • Sub-Specialty Elective

ARCH Weeks

Two ARCH weeks support students’ professional development, allowing dedicated time to reflect on their progress and plan future learning. Students will participate in formative and summative assessments, holistically review performance data, reflect on their professional identity formation, meet with their coach to generate learning and development plans, and reconnect with peers.