Mentor Resources

10 Reasons to Become a Pathways Mentor

  1. Help train the next generation of leaders, researchers, scholars, advocates, and innovators
  2. Share your knowledge, skills, and expertise
  3. Collaborate across generations and backgrounds
  4. Advance your work
  5. Contribute to UCSF’s teaching mission
  6. Develop a meaningful relationship with a trainee
  7. Inspire others to your field, work, specialty
  8. Serve as a career and professional advisor
  9. Improve your career satisfaction
  10. Become a part of a program that is one of the distinguishing features of UCSF

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Make sure you and your prospective mentee are a good match in terms of interests, commitment, time available, expectations for work and the mentoring relationship
  • Assist with planning for, reviewing, revising, and finalizing the project and project proposal
  • Set clear expectations for work and products for both mentee and mentor
  • Sign off on proposal via ART
  • Complete the Pathways mentor agreement
  • Meet regularly with your mentee
  • Provide support and constructive feedback
  • Incorporate mentee into teams and make introductions to useful contacts, as appropriate
  • Oversight over project and professional development related to the project
  • Identify and help learner prepare for scholarly and other dissemination activities
  • Track learner’s progress
  • Inform the pathway director if you have concerns of any kind about your mentee
  • Fill out mid-year and end of year learner evaluations via evalue
  • Assist with planning for, reviewing, revising, and finalizing the learner’s abstract and poster in the spring of the final year in the pathways program
  • Participate in the final evaluation of the project
  • Attend the Pathways Symposium

Policies and Forms

The following documents will be available at this site on October 5th.

  • Pathways learner application
  • Mentorship agreement form
  • Pathways competencies: general and pathway specific
  • Mentor evaluation of learner form
  • Learner evaluation of mentor form
  • Learner in trouble policy

Mentor Resources

Link to funding opportunities

Academic Mentoring—How to Give It and How to Get It
Allan S. Detsky, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Mark Otto Baerlocher, MD

Dario Sambunjak, MD
Ana Marušić, MD, PhD

Mentoring Toolkit (pdf)

CTSI Mentor Development Program
(Note: many resources listed under SEMINARS and BIBLIOGRAPHY are of use to ALL mentors, not just those doing CTR.)

Upcoming Pathways Mentorship Innovations

Pathways mentors are crucial members of the UCSF Pathways community.  We are currently developing resources and opportunities to support your continued engagement in innovation with Pathways learners, including:

  • a mentor encounter phone app to help mentors document time spent with their learners (see recent proposal here)
  • online modules for mentor development targeting early innovators and learners from health disparities populations
  • letters to department chairs or program directors that capture mentor and alumni contributions to Pathways learners

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