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DDCF Training Fellowship Ensures Learner Immersion in Global Health Clinical Research

We congratulate Dr. Joel Palefsky, Associate Director of the Clinical and Translational Research Pathway, and Dr. Chris Stewart, Director of the Global Health Pathway, and join them in thanking the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (DDCF) for ensuring that UCSF learners will continue to have the resources they need to improve health worldwide. The DDCF supports International Clinical Research Fellowships for medical students to build and strengthen the pipeline of clinical investigators.

Innovations in Research Training - PROF-PATH

Studies indicate that learners from health disparity populations have opportunities to undertake research but prefer non-research careers. Studies also indicate a connection between successful research on health disparities and the cultural backgrounds of researchers. PROF-PATH, a New NIH-Funded Training Program for all UCSF Health Professional Learners, aims at encouraging students from health disparity populations or committed to careers fighting health disparities to pursue academic research careers by:

  • ensuring rigorous training in research methods
  • establishing mentoring relationships with senior research faculty and faculty from health disparities populations
  • enhancing the successful navigation of academia through an innovative curriculum in cultural and emotional competencies

PROF-PATH is supported by an NIH grant awarded to P.I.s Dr. Alicia Fernandez and Dr. Louise Aronson who noted the frequent mention of our deep UCSF support among NIH reviewers. The PROF-PATH team thanks the UCSF community, including school and campus leadership for their support of this grant and continued efforts to ensure implementation for all UCSF health professional students.

Featured Mentor/Learner Team

Congratulations to Sarah Teasdale, MD, and Palav Barbaria, MD, a 2012 learner-mentor team that underscores Pathways as a progression toward innovation throughout a career.

Both learners in the H&S Pathway, then resident Dr. Barbaria served as student Dr. Teasdale's mentor on her work presented at this year's Posterpalooza, part of the UCSF Trainee Research and Scholarship Festival.  Dr. Barbaria was selected to win the H&S Pathway 2012 Project Award and presented his work at the Pathways Symposium.

Featured Alumni

Congratulations to learner Sanket Dhurva, MD (2010), and mentor Rita Redberg, MD, now colleagues, on their recent publications in JAMA, including an extensive review of the FDA Cardiovascular Device pre-market approval (PMA) process including issues related to gender bias. Dr. Dhurva recently wrote his Pathway Directors:

"Since the start of 2008 and my project on medical devices with Dr. Redberg, it has been quite a successful time and we've had 4 JAMA publications (one letter to the editor) and 2 NEJM along with grand rounds at UCSF and the VA hospital, and certainly we owe the H&S Pathway for helping to jumpstart us."

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