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Teach for UCSF Certificate Program

About the Teach for UCSF Certificate Program

The program creates defined educational paths so that individuals can develop focused teaching skills and receive a certificate in recognition of achievement. The program is open to current and future faculty at UCSF and at affiliated institutions (i.e., residents, fellows, volunteer faculty).  Participants complete specific sets of UCSF Educational Skills Workshops. Credit toward the certificate is given after demonstration of competence through assessments that are completed during each workshop. Currently, certificate tracks include:


The Teach for UCSF Program aims to:

  • Provide an accessible way for faculty and trainees to discover and pursue an interest in improving their educational skills.
  • Develop faculty with depth of expertise in specific teaching theme areas.
  • Increase the capacity and satisfaction of UCSF faculty as educators.
  • Publicly recognize faculty who improve their educational skills.
  • Create a skilled educator community that is able to support ongoing curricular renewal.