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April 2017 Curriculum Retreat Brings Excitement for Foundations 2 May 19, 2017

May 19, 2017 In January 2018, the Foundations 2 (F2) phase of the Bridges Curriculum will launch. This phase advances students’ patient care and systems improvement skills, and also revisits and builds upon core concepts in foundational science, in a “spiral learning” education method. To plan for F2 implementation, 120 UCSF faculty, staff, and students gathered on April 21 for the Bridges Curriculum retreat at the Mission Bay Conference Center. “Foundations 2 will immerse students in... Read More

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Students Focus on Continued Learning and Wellness During ARCH Week (April 7, 2017) April 07, 2017

On April 3, first-year medical students at UCSF began the spring ARCH week between Foundations 1 foundational sciences, inquiry and clinical microsystems experiences. The Assessment, Reflection, Coaching, and Health (ARCH) component of the curriculum – occurring four times throughout Foundations 1 – includes activities designed to help students evaluate their progress, provide a time for personal wellbeing, and allow opportunities to identify new areas of career growth.  “Students are guided... Read More

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Medical Students Explore Healthcare Delivery Improvement with Clinical Microsystems Clerkship (Feb. 2, 2017) March 15, 2017

The Bridges Curriculum launched at UCSF in August 2016. Learn about one innovative component of the curriculum, the Clinical Microsystems Clerkship (CMC). Through CMCs, students learn how to help patients navigate a complex healthcare system, while also improving the health of populations and the effectiveness of the healthcare system. Review the full story in UCSF School of Medicine News, here. Read More

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School of Medicine Launches New Curriculum to Train the Doctors of the Future January 01, 2016

First year medical students share their excitement about the new Bridges Curriculum which launched in August 2016.   I think that the new emphasis on social justice is going to help us to understand our patients and the struggles they might be going through, to bring up the uncomfortable conversations and figure out what we can do to change disparities -Emily Serna, MS1 Emily Serna is entering medical school at UC San Francisco confident that she wants to be a primary care physician,... Read More

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Using Technology to Improve Health Professions Education November 02, 2015

Catherine Lucey, MD, Vice Dean for Education at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine, is a coauthor of “The Future of Health Professions Education,” a paper commissioned by the Macy Foundation for their April 2015 conference. The paper, which will be included in the comprehensive conference monograph out later this fall, helped spark engaging and provocative conference discussions that informed Macy’s new recommendations for how technology can enhance health... Read More

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How to equip new doctors for the digital health frontier July 20, 2015

As health technology booms, medical schools must prepare students for the associated complex cultural change and increasing physician demands. But new technology doesn’t necessitate a departure from patient-centered care—technological innovations can advance this kind of care. Here’s how Bob Wachter, MD, author of New York Times science bestseller The Digital Doctor, recommends schools help students chart this new digital health frontier. From the pervasive use of electronic health records to... Read More

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Bridges May 2015 Update: The UCSF 49 June 23, 2015

On March 6, faculty members from across UCSF came together at the Clinical Sciences Bridges Retreat to work on the clinical elements of the Bridges Curriculum. To jumpstart the activities, Vice Dean Catherine Lucey introduced the participants to a set of guideposts known as the UCSF 49.     The UCSF 49 is a curated collection of 49 core syndromes and disorders that will anchor students' journeys through the Bridges Curriculum. More than a simple list, each syndrome on the UCSF 49 is a... Read More

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Inquiry: Developing a Habit of Mind March 24, 2015

Innovation and change in the health sciences are accelerating at an unprecedented pace.  Just 60 years ago, the structure of DNA had only just been proposed; the polio vaccine was newly invented; and the HIV/AIDS was yet to be identified.How can we train physicians of the 21st century to address and manage health problems that have not yet emerged?  How do we prepare our graduates to use tools, technologies and treatments that have not yet been invented? This is the challenge posed by the... Read More

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The New iROCKET Student Dashboard Launches February 18, 2015

The Dashboard project is being developed, through a partnership of Medical Center Information Technology and Medical Education, to benefit and guide student learning and advisement. It is built specifically to provide students with timely evidence about their performance, partly in response to requests by previous UCSF medical students. Phase 1 launched in January 2015.“At UCSF, we believe that medical students should have data-based tools to chart their individualized course through the... Read More

The Clinical Microsystems Clerkship- the Physician’s Experience January 21, 2015

Dispatches from the FieldThe Clinical Microsystems Clerkship- the Physician’s Experience by Dana GreenfieldEveryone's always worried, 'Do I know enough?' but I think that's not actually what will ultimately lead to safe patient care. It’s really about systems and communication. To ensure high quality care, I felt really drawn to improve the system. Once I saw it, it felt almost wrong not to try to fix it.- Dr. Rachael Lucatorto, Assistant Chief, Medical Service, San Francisco VA Medical... Read More